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Public Speaking Pal is a new modular application for Public Speaking on iPhone/iPad and Android platforms. It is simple, modular and easy to navigate. It provides useful summary information on all aspects of speech creation and practice. It is also brilliantly narrated by the man with the velvet voice, Philip Whyte.

Public Speaking Pal from Vince Stevenson on Vimeo.

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  • What is a speech?
  • Speech purpose
  • Deliver key messages
  • The law of threes
  • Structure
  • Speech openings
  • Memorable conclusions
  • Gestures
  • Vocal variety
  • Visual language
  • Use of notes
  • Humour
  • Building rapport
  • Avoiding distractions

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    The College of Public Speaking uses a tried and tested methodology that has proven effective with millions of budding speakers worldwide.

  • Michael Ronayne

    Michael Ronayne - National Speaking Champion - 3rd time in 6 years

  • Vince Stevenson (The Fear Doctor)

    Vince Stevenson (The Fear Doctor) is a well known speaker/trainer and has won a number of awards for leadership, education and development. Vince is a National speech finalist in recent years.

  • Richard Johnson

    Richard is an established and qualified lecturer at the University of Greenwich, delivering modules to both undergraduates and masters students, receiving many favourable comments on his engaging and energetic lecturing style

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