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Richard Johnson - Speaker - Trainer - Lecturer - Researcher

Richard is an established and qualified lecturer at the University of Greenwich, delivering modules to both undergraduates and masters students, receiving many favourable comments on his engaging and energetic lecturing style. He currently hosts all our Fear of Public Speaking courses in Bristol.

He also works as a trainer with a company that specialises in IT led business change and is a regular at speaking events as well as a member of a speaking club.

He joined the College of Public Speaking as a director in 2007 and has run many courses helping people to overcome the fear of public speaking as well as instructing people how to develop more advanced techniques. He has given talks at Rotary Clubs, charities and at key business events.

Richard has written several papers on public speaking as well as in a number of other of his academic interests. As a result of his ability to speak well in public he is called upon to run presentation skills lectures and tutorials at the University of Greenwich, which always go down well with students.

Richard has been an active academic and researcher over the last 9 years where public speaking skills have been key to his success, and he has been able to utilise these skills both at home and abroad, for example, in Lagos, Nigeria and on the island of Malta. Before becoming an academic and presentations skills trainer Richard worked as an IT professional for several organisations including American Express and HM Treasury.

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