Toxic Goal #4 - I want to please or appeal to everybody

It doesn't matter how good a speaker you are or how good you think you are, you are not going to win every argument and you're not going to get everybody to buy into your proposals.

When it involves getting vested interests to change position on something where they're already comfortable and asking them to change, you can expect a great deal of resistance.

People crave progress but they don't like change, especially if it means them giving up something valuable like their time or money, despite the promise of improved future outcomes. 

If you don't get the outcome you're looking for, don't take it personally. Fight the good fight and let it go. I use the examples of the referendum campaign and US Presidential election where most campaigners were using negatively charged emotional language to strike fear into the hearts of the voters.

In the UK, at constituency elections, we have a first past the post electoral system. Usually, there can be 10-15 candidates, five of whom can be extraordinarily knowledgeable and articulate. But you can only vote for one person and there will be only one winner. Does that make the others losers? I hope not.

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