Toxic Goal #6 - I need encyclopaedic knowledge

Encyclopedic knowledge is great in an encyclopedia. It's not a pleasant experience when you feel that your speaker is doing a brain dump during the allotted time of the speech. The secret is to take your audience on a journey and explore the issues in the allotted time. If you have a short presentation of say 5-10 minutes, you'll struggle to download that material in that time. Make your material easy to relate to the audience and they'll appreciate it.

In my IT days, I received a question about database management on a very specific database. I used to work on that database for two years. I knew it inside out. I was so happy to talk for an unscheduled 1.5 hours worth of information for one student who loved the answer. Unfortunately, the other 11 were less interested in my copious knowledge because it was totally irrelevant to them. We should have left class at 4:30 pm instead I kept them until 6 pm. They were not happy.

I should have taken that discussion offline and discussed it with that individual after class. 

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