Toxic Goal #7 - I want to make a fashion statement

Dress appropriately for your audience - don't worry about dress changes during the breaks unless you are delivering the Oscars. Even that 'extraordinary' event creates negativity in some fields when you consider that many people in this world don't have more than one change of good clothes.

For formal situations wear a suit. Less formal situations, a smart jacket, shirt, trousers and good shoes. Jeans and trainers will attract criticism in some organisations. In the summer I was working in Romania and some of the classes were delivered outside the venue in an outdoor museum. The students were in shorts and so was I.  

I recently turned up to an event dressed informally and all of my Executive audience arrived in suits. (The message from the HR person never got through to them). My opening line to them was that of, 'I do have a suit...' which got a laugh and broke the ice.

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