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It's just so hard to vary your voice and make it sound interesting.

One of the things that I come across is people's reluctance (they would say inability) to vary their voice. 

It seems so unnatural to speak louder than I am doing or to speak slower for emphasis, or even to pause to allow people to absorb what I've just said so I don't do it, say delegates.

I then ask them have you ever been angry about something? 

Have you ever been in…

Fear vs Anxiety - what's your poison? A gentle distinction

In my classes, I discuss the distinction between Fear and Anxiety because it's a slippery fish.

Fear is a good thing. It's an evolutionary mechanism designed to save your life and in so doing, help to preserve the species.

Fear is a real physical threat to your life and on your body.

It invokes the fight or flight response - the sympathetic nervous system and an array of…