The Logitech Spotlight - A step change in presentation technology

This post is to highlight what I believe to be a real breakthrough in presentation technology. For years we have had the laser pointer and for that time it's been a useful tool in highlighting onscreen elements.

Recently, we have had a presentational step change and it's brought to us by Logitech. Its name is the Logitech Spotlight. Take a look at the slides below. It's a pretty busy slide; good graphics and lots of text. The laser pointer can move around the salient points as they are detailed. 

body-parts 1

However, what if you could focus only on the screen elements that you're interested in and dim out the elements that you're not?  Well, that's where the Logitech Spotlight excels. In the second slide, the focus is on the kidneys, adrenal glands, stomach and diaphragm. 

I like this tool. But more importantly, the reaction from my students is so positive when they see it for the first time.  Whether you point at your computer screen or the projector screen, the spotlight comes on and does a first class job.

If you're presenting regularly and delivering focused or detailed graphics, I would recommend the Logitech Spotlight for its simplicity and elegance. I also love the fact that it is charged through a USB cable. No need to worry about battery burnout ever again. It fits in the hand easily and has timing and vibration functionality to ensure you don't overstay your time on stage.

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