[VIDEO] Public Speaking Q&A with expert Simon Maier

Simon Maier runs the online public speaking coaching programme here for us at the College of Public Speaking - and he really knows his stuff.

He's a best-selling author of 9 books including The 100, Speak Like a President, and In Any Event, Simon's a former Saatchi & Saatchi MD with over thirty years in the events and communications industries at the highest levels, worldwide.

In this newly recorded webinar session, Simon talks about:

>>> What never to do unless you want your audience disengaged... disappointed... and even angry with you!

>>> The single most important thing you can do to deliver a great speech

>>> The right (and wrong) way to use slides

>>> Why you (almost) have nothing to fear except fear itself

>>> What new or nervous speakers often do that drives audiences nuts (good news: it’s easily fixed)

>>> Why new ideas presented in an engaging way aren’t enough

Plus: a dozen questions answered from the floor.