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The 3 'I's

There are many complicated tools for analysing training needs.
Happily, however, most of us will probably not need to get too involved in exhaustive analysis.

(The truth is, once you start, it is very difficult to know where to stop, and what initially may seem like a fairly clear and simple exercise can become very complex and involved.)

However a useful little rule…

Hats and Handbags

I recently heard a very entertaining speech.
The subject matter, on first impression, may not sound very encouraging - the menopause.
However the lady's handling of the subject was light, witty and energetic.
And having shared her stories and experiences, she finished with the line:
'You don't stop laughing when you get old,
you get old when you stop laughing.'


The Voice: X, Y, and Z

For a trainer, (for that matter, any speaker) - a good voice is vital.
However -
Is it essential to have a 'nice' voice? - Probably 'No'.
Is it essential to have an interesting voice? - Definitely 'Yes'.

Not all of us will be born with a beautiful, rich and sonorous voice.
However, we can all learn to make our voice more interesting.

Having spent many years as…

What if I forget?

A common fear in presenting is of forgetting what comes next.
And therefore a common mistake is to counteract that by trying to memorise too much.
However, in normal conversation, we never worry that much about what comes next.
So what is the difference?

Does it all come down to being 'under the spotlight'?
At a party, you could be sharing your opinion with another…

Canals and Locks

Once the water level inside the lock is the same as the level outside, the lock gates be opened and the boat can proceed on its journey.
In a similar way, when 2 people are communicating, it is only when they are at the same level that can they freely exchange ideas.

As long as I am talking down to you or vice versa, there can be no equal exchange.
This can be both physical…