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Show Them They Can

At the end of a fairly intense section of training on storytelling and presentation skills, just before we went for a break, I thought it wise to quickly ask a couple of re-cap questions.
Well – it is a good thing to do anyway, to make sure that key points are being taken on board,
but at this moment we had just had an intense session where a lot of key principles - and…

An overview of a winning mindset

                                    growth mindset

Mindsets can be categorized as either ‘growth’ or ‘fixed’. People with fixed mindsets believe their talents and abilities are pretty much unchangeable, whereas people with growth mindsets believe their talents can be cultivated…

What makes a bad story?


What makes a bad story? Is there such a thing? Well, yes there is. We’ve all seen or read stories that seem to have all the ingredients for greatness, in more or less the right order, but the whole thing just doesn’t work – whether it’s…

Tapping into Training Budgets


So you want to attend a course, but your boss is a stick in the mud. She's asked you to justify why the training is necessary and explain good reasons for the expenditure.

Many years ago I asked my boss to go on a report writing course. 

This seemed like a good investment because…