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The Goldilocks Number

In presentations and training it is a truism that 3 is structurally the perfect number.
And culturally we are very used to it.
Goldilocks and the 3 bears; 3 blind mice; 3 little pigs; and Englishman. Scotsman, Irishman jokes.
(You may have noticed I have just given 4 examples – and there is a good reason for that! Read on.)

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All about the destination

This article was written by Michael Ronayne, director at the College of Public Speaking and four-time UK National Public Speaking Champion.

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Anxiety doesn't exist until you create it! - Try systematic desensitisation.

If you want to overcome any phobia, the method is called systematic desensitisation. It's what we have practised successfully for years. It works best with people who can create supportive environments. 

Quite frankly, public speaking isn’t for everybody.

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On my 5 Day Discovery courses, I invite my students to share any tricky communication issues experienced in their work. 
The idea is to throw the problem over to the wisdom of the group where it's discussed and mostly resolved.
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