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5 Day Discovery Public Speaking
  • Do you want to become an excellent communicator?
  • Do you want to take that next step in effective leadership?
  • Do you want to create a competitive edge?
  • Do you want to make people work with you, your team and your company?
  • Do you want your work to become more meaningful?

If you're looking for a public speaking experience with total immersion into the theory and practise of excellent communication, you found it. This 5-day intensive workshop with award-winning instructor Vince Stevenson is the synthesis of many years of successful training practice. Vince, himself an accomplished speaker/trainer in the world of IT, has an extraordinary experience of directing speakers across all disciplines to conquer the art of effective business speaking.

As a member of a voluntary organisation, Vince coached many colleagues to victory in national speech contests and adjudicated at countless speech contests, and organised some of the largest open speech events in the UK. Using the most effective speaking techniques, technology and case studies available, you too can become a first-rate speaker, salesman or leader.

This 5-Day Discovery course is a combination of theory, observation, classroom discussion, and extensive speech practice followed by Vince's unique methodology for feedback which works with each student on their individual requirements, tapping into their personality, creativity and authenticity.

Full notes, video files, speaking resources and certificate of achievement are supplied during the event along with classroom refreshments.

A great speaker holds an advantage because of their fully laden tool bag. Choosing the right tool to do the right job at the right time guarantees a strong performance every time. In this 5-Day Discovery course, you catch up on years of trial and error learning so that you confidently express yourself as an expert in your field.

5 Day Discovery Public Speaking Course Executives

The 5-day time frame creates an opportunity for students to request topics not included in the prospectus below. Therefore, some sessions will be tailored to individual requirements. Speaking on a panel, running a press conference, facilitation is regularly discussed. If you have any issues with the fear of public speaking, Vince manages it on the course.

All of our professional classes are accredited by CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. CIMA's parent group Pearson is the world's largest private educational concern.


Dear Vince, this course was 'speaking nirvana' for me. I have to present a lot at work and I often get myself so flustered in the preparation process, worrying about the content and the tone in which it to deliver it. I realise I am overthinking things too much and I should be focusing on your simple philosophy for audience engagement. I appreciate the support too of all of the other delegates whose insightful contributions make me feel so much more confident now. I needed this course 10 years ago. It would have saved me a ton of anxiety and many lost opportunities. Rachel

I was really interested in the course but I didn't think I could persuade my training manager to stump up the budget. Vince suggested a simple method to get on his wavelength. Once I presented my request in a structured manner the decision went my way. There were lots of other useful tools and techniques on the course which I now use on a daily basis. Persuasion is a lot easier when you approach it from the right angle. Sarah

Hi Vince, it was a great course. In fact for me, probably a life-enhancing course. It was much more than a public speaking course — your session on psychology was an unexpected treat. I am now really looking forward to my first lecture! I have probably had such a phobia about public speaking, formal and informal, that I think I now have the confidence to face my new world and anything goes. I found the group so supportive and such a refreshing change for me coming from a narrow technical background. So thanks again. Rick

Dear Vince, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the whole experience intense and extremely beneficial. Much more than I imagined. Janine

Thanks for an excellent course, Vince. It really has me thinking about my possibilities. I have limited opportunities to practice on a regular basis so as the videos show, I am now a well-grounded speaker that gives me great confidence going forward. Frank

Here is the course prospectus:

Day 1 - An Introduction to Public Speaking

Introduction to the three universal laws of public speaking. Why does it work this way?

The psychology of public speaking - both for the speaker and from the audience's perspective.

Determining your purpose. What do you want to achieve?

Ice-breaker exercises and introductions to the class.

Words, vocal variety and body language (the winning equation for every speaker).

Stories anecdotes and case studies. Why they outweigh numbers, statistics and pie charts.

Metaphor and rhetoric - why they work so effectively.

Throughout each day you will make many speeches. Each is videod and evaluated by your experienced instructor. Learn how Vince's feedback doesn't only work for public speaking, but for all forms of feedback among friends, family and colleagues.

An introduction to impromptu speaking.

Day 2 Mind, Body and Spirit 

5 Day Discovery Public Speaking Course Executives

At the beginning and end of each day, there will be a review of the key points discussed in class.

Speech structures - effective strategies dependent on your purpose. Effective methods for starting a speech with impact.

Posture, breathing and relaxation (extensive selection of exercises to support your breath).

How the mind and body are totally integrated. What affects one affects the other.

Physical manifestations of anxiety and understanding what to do to if we lose control.

Enthusiasm, conviction, belief, sincerity and passion. How and when to use them.

Deliver speeches which are videod and evaluated by your experienced instructor.

More impromptu speaking

Speech analysis - observing the best of the best business and political speakers.

Day 3 - Debating

5 Day Discovery Public Speaking Course Executives

Introduction to debating.

That does not sound right, but I can't tell you why.

Are you the most rational person in the room?

Great speakers and people of influence master the art of persuasion. Observe the magic of Martin Luther King, President Obama and Nelson Mandela; the words, the logic, structure and delivery are taking you on a journey of persuasion.

If you watch the cut and thrust of Prime Minister's Question time you'll see an altogether different form of communication. Whether you're embarrassed by the way it is conducted or not when it's over the first discussion by political pundits is; who won and why? Content and delivery as always are essential, but politicians have pre-planned debating techniques that they can use to deflect the attacks of their opponents. Do you know them? Can you use them effectively in team meetings and discussions with customers and clients? This will help your style of negotiation enormously.

The intention is to watch PM's question time at 12 noon and discuss the debating highlights immediately afterwards.

We will also stage debates where we explore the effectiveness of each contribution.

Day 4 - Irresistible Influence and Transformational Speaking for Leadership

5 Day Discovery Public Speaking Course Executives


Irresistible Influence

Day 4 and we explore the complex world of persuasion in greater detail. Using case studies from recent US research foundations we examine persuasion not just from a public speaking perspective, but relationships with clients and colleagues (junior and senior) and personal relationships too. What impact do we have on those around us?

Most importantly,  what type of impact wins the best outcomes?

We look at hard and soft tactics for persuasion and delve deep into the contexts in which we work. You are presented with a formula for persuasion that applies every time and to each context. It is your decision which tactics to apply in which contexts.

There is input from influential contemporary business speakers as well as the old masters who framed the parameters of persuasion in the first crucibles of civilization. There is a fascinating lineage of persuasion dating back 4,000 years. Although the world has changed dramatically in that time, human nature and human influence have not. What human attributes and strategies deliver the best results?

Are you a charismatic speaker? 

Or is that bestowed upon us at birth? Research studies show that potentially everybody is charismatic. You do not need a million-dollar smile and a Harvard education. Charisma can be learnt by applying various techniques at the appropriate time. Those techniques in time become the fabric of who you are. You need to practice them.

Transformational Speaking and Transformational Leadership 

Aldous Huxley famously said, 'There's only one corner of the universe that you can change, and that is your own.'

There are leaders and managers everywhere working their socks off, doing what they have always done and received their usual return on investment. Occasionally, we come across others who break the mould and seemingly the rules and yet people want to follow them. Why is that?

So, let's ask the question — what is the difference between everyday transactional leadership and transformational leadership? Why do some people just seem to make it look so easy while others struggle to gather momentum? Like everything involved in effective communication, it comes down to technique and applying it appropriately at the right time. Transformational leaders are not born, they are produced. They all look and sound different and they are all applying effective psychological techniques that achieve consistent and sometimes dramatic results over time. If you don't know the principles and techniques then you are on the outside of this life-changing process.  We examine strategies that you apply almost immediately. With a few minor changes in mindset created throughout this process, you are now in a position to change your corner of the universe.

How to run a professional speaking event

Speaking Process - Managing speaking events in the workplace creates great value and consolidates your position as a speaking professional.

How to organise an event with an external subject matter expert.

How to introduce a speaker. How to deliver a keynote speech. How to deliver a vote of thanks.

How to use notes effectively is a key skill.

These interactive exercises will provide you with the necessary skills to facilitate great speaking events and add value and kudos for you and your company.

All speeches videod and reviewed.

More impromptu speaking

Day 5 - Presentation Day

5 Day Discovery Public Speaking Course Executives

Q&A sessions - how to handle them. How to manage large audiences and receive their cooperation.

More notes - Text notes, PowerPoint, Mindmaps, bullet points, index cards, memory techniques...

How to handle a hostile audience. How to engage so that the speech is not received in a hostile fashion.

How to create and deliver (a short) TED talk.

With a large class and a lot of material to process, the previous days' exercises can become a blur. Day 5 is dedicated to planning, preparation, practise and delivery. Throughout the day, we work on the delivery of stylistic speech projects. At this stage, we're putting the polish and finishing touches to our speeches.

All speeches videod and reviewed.

More impromptu speaking followed by the presentation of certificates and generous applause...

Your facilitator for the course is Vince Stevenson, a founder and Education Director of the College of Public Speaking and a staunch supporter of public speaking across the Public, Private and Third Sectors. Vince has worked in the City for many years and in some of the largest companies both nationally and internationally. In his speaking work with bankers, lawyers, accountants, footballers, TV presenters and politicians (and many others), Vince excels. For more details on Vince and his speaking background, click on the following link Vince Stevenson.

For more details on this 5-day Discovery workshop, please contact Vince Stevenson on 0330 043 2677 or by emailing or book directly on the link at the top right of the page.

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