Advanced Public Speaking: Take Your Speaking To A New Level Of Confidence, Power & Finesse

The Advanced  Public Speaking course ends on 09/07/2018. We are restructuring our courses to meet the demands of our clients. 

The course content which has been so successful over the years will be added to our 5 Day Discovery material.

This training is delivered in a small group format. From team briefings to sales, and boardroom meetings, the ability for clear and confident expression is a growing mark of influence and leadership. Honing and improving your communication skills is an ongoing process. It's one of 4 key skills identified by Warren Buffett.

Many of our clients attain a comfortable level of speaking ability and then realise that a recent promotion requires them to take their skills to an even higher level.

Our training is highly interactive and provides individuals with many opportunities to practice. This includes valuable feedback for each individual speaker. 

Be prepared for a day of expression, spontaneity and intense creativity. 


Data complexity and how to articulate it is a growing concern. Interpreting data, actually making sense of it and acting upon it is not easy. Collaboration and excellent problem-solving skills allied to communication excellence is the challenge. Every executive needs these tools to navigate the modern world of business.

Vince in class 1

Do you need more gravitas to persuade senior colleagues?
Are your sales pitches consistently successful?
Looking to coach your department to greater success?

Then our 'Advanced' course is for you.

Excellent communication skills are a hallmark of leadership excellence and go a long way to instilling trust and confidence in your audience.

Their perception of you is enhanced when the quality, structure and content of your delivery connects and inspires.

The College of Public Speaking has a team of prize-winning and award-winning speakers and trainers who offer not just the day to day know how, but also a wide-ranging personal experience of helping good speakers become great speakers.

The College of Public Speaking turns your knowledge, experience and expertise into first class presentation outcomes.

Vince in class 2

  • Our programs focus specifically on:
  • structure
  • enthusiasm 
  • conviction 
  • sincerity
  • belief 
  • passion
  • influence 
  • creating rapport 
  • or simply to develop a deeper and more powerful grasp of the rhetorical impact

These skills are targeted at making you a more persuasive communicator.

Below are outlines of particular programs that we offer, each of which can be adapted to meet specific requirements.

Your facilitator for this course is Vince Stevenson, a founder and Education Director of the College of Public Speaking and a staunch supporter of public speaking to the Public, Private and Third Sectors.

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Vince has worked in the City for many years and in some of the largest companies both nationally and internationally. He works with bankers, lawyers, accountants, footballers, TV presenters and politicians (and many others). For more details on Vince and his development work, click on the following link: Vince Stevenson.

Please contact Vince at 0330 043 2677 or by emailing

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Additional Course Dates

Date Course Trainer £  
9 July 2018 Advanced Public Speaking
London, London
Vince Stevenson £295 + VAT