Advanced Public Speaking Course Outline

Our training is highly interactive and provides individuals with many opportunities to practice. This includes valuable feedback for each individual speaker, which is interspersed with short presentations on advanced concepts of public speaking and communication.

At the College of Public Speaking we concentrate on the individual and encourage them to use all aspects of their personality and personal creativity.

On the Advanced Presentation Skills course we will get you to under take thee following:

  • Ice-breaker exercise based on a presentation that you have either given or need to give in the near future.
  • Understanding how to develop content that will underpin your key messages.
  • Learning techniques to speak with power and persuasion.
  • Understanding your audience and their expectations.
  • Recognising how to persuade and influence the audience.
  • Practising and developing improved speaking skills with reference to vocal techniques and body language.
  • Creative use of appropriate humour and speaking dynamism.
  • Researching the venue - knowing the layout and format of the speaking event.
  • Using visual support, laptops, props and PowerPoint.
  • An introduction to and outline of common rhetorical devices.
  • Creating rhetorical schemes and tropes to enhance impact.

Our Advanced presentation skills course for professionals is a proven path to speaking achievement at advanced levels. You will notice the difference in terms of speaking preparedness and professional accomplishment.

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