5 Days To Greater Influence, Confidence & Impact… in Barcelona!

Change the way you communicate forever,
over 5 unforgettable days in magical Barcelona

At last, here’s the unique, intensive public speaking experience you’ve been looking for to transform your powers of communication — all in one of the world's most stupendous cities!

This discovery experience is specifically designed to excite and integrate you into the living, breathing fabric of fabulous and unforgettable Barcelona.

To spend 5 days cooped up in a training room in the beautiful city of Barcelona would be close to sacrilege… so we won’t be doing that!

At the College of Public Speaking we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe that the classroom is just one of many places to learn.

We believe that learning takes place everywhere; on the beach, on the streets, in restaurants, in museums.

Wherever you look, there is learning.

We believe in providing an extraordinary learning experience in an extraordinary environment.

Join us for this unique experience and you’ll be on the streets among the bustling markets telling stories…

Awe-struck beneath the shadows of Gaudi’s world famous Sagrada Familia cathedral…

Diving deep into the remarkable art of the Picasso museum…

Strolling along the beach in a gentle breeze… this city will be our canvas, our stage…

the stories we create, our tapestry.

And after each day’s class there will be an optional activity; socialising with your new colleagues… debriefing… unpacking the messages of the learning at your own pace, which is all-important.

In the Catalan capital, you’ll say goodbye to lingering public speaking anxiety and self-doubt….

...and end the frustration you feel when you struggle to communicate at the level you know you can…

Get ready to return from the life-affirming metropolis that inspired Gaudi and Montaner, overflowing with confidence…

...enjoying irresistible influence… and reinvigorated…

...ready and able to lead with conviction and personal magnetism.

In Barcelona, you'll discover a public speaking experience like no other.

One with total immersion into the theory and practice of excellent communication...

....that has made hundreds of top organisations... 

...household names including:

GlaxoSmithKline — ExxonMobil — Lockheed Martin — London School of Economics — The Houses of Parliament — MSF —  Save the Children — The Asia Foundation — Oxfam — Sky — RBS — UBS  — Deutsche Bank  — HM Treasury— Foreign & Commonwealth Office  — Bank of England — Ministry of Justice — BT

...choose the College of Public Speaking above all others time and again since 2006.

We’ve trained over 10,000 alumni in that time… and now it’s time to take the most powerful elements of our proven format to magnificent Barcelona…

…and entwine the whole experience in this living, breathing and most vibrant of cities.

Imagine savouring the bitter tang of your morning coffee on the Rambla….

Then at lunch the smell of freshly cooked sardines...

...or the sensational Catalan dish of barbecued sausage and fried beans with alioli - gently wafts into your nostrils…

As day slides gently into balmy evening, perhaps you sip an ice cold beer or glass of wine...

...with some tapas of spicy patatas bravas, or succulent calamari freshly plucked from the Med.

And ALL while making a quantum leap on your own personal voyage of public speaking discovery...

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll discover and experience when you join College of Public Speaking founder director and international speaker Vince Stevenson at our first ever Barcelona program:

Day 1 – An Introduction to Public Speaking

Excellent communication is built on solid foundations – and on Day 1 in Barcelona we will deconstruct public speaking and then build it up from new foundations.

You’ll feel new confidence not only when you’re called on to speak on stage, but generally with better quality and more effective interactions at work, at home and play.

Throughout this day and the entire week, you’ll make many speeches – both prepared and impromptu - videoed by your trainer, College of Public Speaking founder Director and international speaker Vince Stevenson with constructive, confidence-building feedback provided.

You'll discover:

  1. The three universal laws of public speaking
  2. The psychology of public speaking – both for the speaker and from the audience’s perspective
  3. How to determine your purpose - what do you want to achieve when speaking, and how can you get it?
  4. Getting off on the right foot: ice-breaker and introduction exercises
  5. The winning equation for every speaker is wrapped up in words, vocal variety and body language
  6. How to use stories, anecdotes and case studies – and why they always outscore numbers, statistics and pie charts
  7. How to use metaphor and rhetoric – and why they work so effectively

Day 2 - Mind, Body and Spirit

Impactful public speaking and communication is about so much more than the words.

It’s a combination of what is happening in our mind, body and spirit and if any of these components aren’t right, you won’t perform at your best.

You'll discover:

  1. Proven speech structures you can use immediately in many situations
  2. How to start any speech with impact
  3. Posture, breathing and relaxation – an extensive selection of exercises to support your breath
  4. How the mind and body are totally integrated – and the overall impact of that
  5. How to avoid losing control - understanding and conquering physical manifestations of anxiety
  6. How and when to use enthusiasm, conviction, belief, sincerity and passion
  7. Speech analysis – discover the ‘tricks’ the best-of-the-best business and political speakers employ to get results

Day 3 – Debating Skills

Are you confident you can secure the outcome you want in a debate with a difficult or persuasive colleague or client?

You will be after Day 3.

You'll discover:

  1. Introduction to debating essentials
  2. How people of influence use rhetoric daily
  3. How to use words, logic and structure to take any listener on a journey of persuasion
  4. The debating techniques politicians use to deflect attacks and win arguments
  5. We will also stage debates where we’ll explore and unpack the effectiveness of each contribution

Day 4 – Irresistible Influence and Transformational Speaking for Leadership

You too can be charismatic. You do not need a million dollar smile and a Harvard education. Research studies show that anybody can be charismatic.

Charisma can be learnt by applying various techniques at the appropriate time. Those techniques will in time become part and parcel of who you are.

All you need to know is how to embody them – and that’s what you’ll discover on Day 4.

You'll discover:

  1. A formula for persuasion that applies every time and to each context – including ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ tactics for persuasion and when to use each type
  2. ‘Lost secrets’ of the old masters who framed the parameters of persuasion in the first crucibles of civilization
  3. Why some people just seem to make it look so easy while others struggle to gather momentum (hint: it comes down to technique and applying it appropriately at the right time)
  4. How to deliver a keynote speech
  5. How to run your own professional speaking event – and manage value-packed speaking events in the workplace which elevate your status as a speaking professional
  6. How to use notes effectively
  7. How to effectively introduce a speaker and deliver a vote of thanks

Day 5 – Presentation Day

Day 5 in Barcelona is dedicated to planning, preparation, practice and delivery of you very own preprepared speech.

You’ll pull together everything you’ve learned during the week.

Throughout the day, we’ll be working on the delivery of speech projects where greater time for planning is allocated.

You'll discover:

  1. How to create and deliver a (short) TED talk
  2. How to manage and win over large audiences
  3. How to handle a hostile audience – how to connect with the audience and invite them to be more receptive to your proposition.
  4. How to use advanced presentation techniques and tools - text notes, PowerPoint, Mindmaps, bullet points, index cards, memory techniques...
  5. How to handle Q&A sessions with ease
  6. All your speeches videoed and reviewed
  7. More impromptu speaking followed by an end of course dinner...

Your Venue: 4* Hotel Front Maritim 

The venue where we’ll do our classroom sessions — with lunch included — is the 4* Hotel Front Maritim (see their website here), situated on Barcelona's beach front, just a 6-minute walk from Nova Mar Bella Beach.

Hotel Front Maritim

The hotel offers free WiFi throughout the establishment, and its six function rooms, gymnasium and sauna make this the perfect choice.

Venue address:

Hotel Front Maritim
69-71 Passeig de Garcia Fària
08019 Barcelona
Telephone: (+34) 933 034 440
Email: frontmaritim@besthotels.es

Nearest Metro station: SELVA DE MAR (6 minute walk)

The hotel is a short distance from CCIB (Barcelona's convention centre) and Port Olímpic.

It is in one of Barcelona's main recreational areas, which is filled with bars and restaurants.

Barcelona is a compact city compared to, say, London and comparatively easy to navigate on the Metro, buses and taxis.

You're never more than 15 minutes from the centre.

You can quickly and easily access the city centre thanks to the Selva del Mar Metro Station, which is only a 6-minute walk away.

Its easy access from the city centre, near Port Olímpic and by the beach, make it the perfect base for guests looking to explore Barcelona.

The hotel can be easily accessed from El Prat Airport (21 km) by public transport or car.

Hotel Front Maritim is 700 metres from the shops and restaurants in Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre.

In the vicinity you can access frequent bus lines that run to the centre of Barcelona.


You can read more about the hotel’s location and transport links here.

Please note: at this low price it is impossible to include overnight accommodation in the course price but naturally you are welcome to enquire with the Hotel Front Maritim about rooms, and of course there is no shortage of accommodation to suit every budget in Barcelona.

When you book your place in Barcelona securely online from this website, you do so with reassurance...

...knowing that a host of organisations and individuals have already seen profound and lasting results from the small investment in our 5 Day Discovery Public Speaking Course:

'I needed this course 10 years ago... it would have saved me a ton of anxiety and many lost opportunities...’

‘Dear Vince, this course was ’speaking nirvana’ for me.

I have to present a lot at work and I often get myself so flustered in the preparation process, worrying about the content, tone and timing.

I realise I am overthinking things and I should be focusing on your simple philosophy for audience engagement.

I appreciate the support too of all of the other delegates whose insightful contributions make me feel so much more confident now.

I needed this course 10 years ago really. It would have saved me a ton of anxiety and many lost opportunities.’ – Rachel

'Life-enhancing... much more than a public speaking course...’

‘Hi Vince, it was great.

In fact for me, probably life-enhancing.

It was much more than a public speaking course — your discussions on psychology and philosophy were an unexpected treat.

I am now really looking forward to my first lecture!

I have had such a phobia about public speaking, formal and informal, that I think I now have the confidence to face my new world and anything goes.

I found the team were so supportive and such a refreshing change for me coming from a narrow technical background. So thanks again.’ – Rick

'Persuasion is a lot easier... I discovered tools and techniques which I now use on a daily basis...'

‘I was really interested in the course but I didn’t think I could persuade my training manager to stump up the budget.

Vince suggested a simple method to get on his wavelength.

Once I presented my request in a structured manner the decision went my way.

There were lots of other useful tools and techniques on the course which I now use on a daily basis. 

Persuasion is a lot easier when you approach it from the right angle.’ – Sarah

'An excellent course... has given me great confidence...'

‘Thanks for an excellent course Vince.

It really has me thinking about my possibilities.

I have very limited opportunities to practice on a regular basis so as the videos show, I am now a well grounded speaker — that gives me great confidence going forward.’ - Frank

'Much more than I imagined... intense and extremely beneficial...'

‘Dear Vince, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the whole experience intense and extremely beneficial.

Much more than I imagined.’ – Janine

'Truly an education...'

‘Greetings from the Caribbean.

Allow me to say a sincere "thank you" for such a great workshop and for your graciousness.

It was truly an education for me…

Thank you as well for the follow up material; it's truly appreciated!

Do stay well and continue doing your good work.’ - Marvin

Why your investment in 5 Day Discovery is essentially free…

Let’s cut to the chase and be very honest with one another right now…

You know, and I know, that the juicy contract…

…the top job…

…the most desirable guy or girl…

…does NOT go to the ‘best’ candidate…

It goes to the best, most confident COMMUNICATOR, doesn't it?

The truth about the world we live in is this:

The best communicator wins! Every time!

Knowing this, does it seem over-the-top to imagine that the new skills… the new level of confidence, power and poise you’ll walk away from Barcelona with for the rest of your life…

…might be worth – say - an added £1,000 in salary to you, every year for the rest of your career?

What might that be worth for you?

£20,000? £30,000, perhaps?

Well the investment in attending our 5 Day Discovery Public Speaking program in magical Barcelona is nothing like that.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The entire training, training materials and ongoing study resources
  • Lunch at Hotel Front Maritim
  • Entry to Gaudi’s world famous Sagrada Familia cathedral
  • Entry to the Picasso Museum
  • Entry to Gaudi’s amazing La Pedrera

For clarity, here’s what’s not included:

  • Your accommodation, flights, or transfers to and from the airport

And your investment in this immersive, not to be forgotten experience is just £1250 + VAT.

That’s the equivalent of about £24 a week over the next year…

Worth it to enjoy far greater influence, confidence and impact, and change the way you communicate forever over 5 unforgettable days in fabulous Barcelona?

So: booking your place on the College of Public Speaking’s first 5 Day Discover Public Speaking Program in Barcelona should be a very easy decision!

After all:

► You’ve seen how the course is a UNIQUE opportunity to have a magical shared experience with other dynamic professionals in the fabulous city of Barcelona

► You’ve seen how, after five days, you'll 'graduate' from the program with a full ‘tool belt’ thanks to the mix of theory, observation, classroom discussion, and extensive speech practise underpinned by Vince’s unique methodology for feedback which works with each student on their individual requirements, tapping into their personality, creativity and authenticity.

► You’ve seen the glowing feedback from Vinces previous courses...

► And you’ve seen how the small investment of just £1250+VAT including lunch every day and entry with the group to two of the world’s most famous cultural sites pales into insignificance compared to the gains in your professional and personal life you can expect from attending.

Now it’s up to you – will you join us at the College of Public Speaking’s next Barcelona course and start making inroads into a bright and confident career?

Just click on the booking button above to grab your place securely online now...

...or if you have any queries, please contact your facilitator Vince Stevenson on: 00 44 7731 876 304 or by emailing vince@collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk.

But please be quick – this is a small group experience with limited spaces available and considerable interest shown when we floated the idea to our existing clients…

So if you want to secure your place in Barcelona come October, best to act now!

Additional Course Dates

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