Executive Masterclass: Transformational Storytelling

Steve Jobs' introduction of the Macintosh computer on January 24, 1984, is still considered one of the greatest product launches in business history. What was the key? Storytelling...

There was a hero (Apple), a villain (IBM), a struggle and a promise of victory, an underdog that we could identify with taking on the establishment. 

Throw in a few references to Orwell's 1984 and we have all they key elements of a gripping presentation that is simple, vivid and emotionally charged; and of course…. easy to remember!

If Jobs could do all that marketing a computer, what stories can you tell to promote your business, share your vision, empower your team, teach, inspire or even console?

Our coaching sessions in Master communication and Transformational storytelling help you to communicate with minimum fuss and maximum impact.

It is not about trying to copy or speak like Martin Luther King, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

It is about you communicating your message in a way that is clear, compact and simple to grasp.

It is about moving beyond the stiff, studied and self-conscious mundane mechanics of ordinary Public Speaking and learning to transmit a message that is natural, unaffected and memorable:

  • whether motivating a team,
  • inspiring stakeholders
  • or convincing clients.

The key to lasting influence comes from understanding the power of the story; and the stories within that story - and of course your part within that story!

It is about the images you create, the impressions you make, the themes behind the words, and the vision behind those themes.

My name is Michael Ronayne.  I am one of the directors of the College of Public Speaking.  
My credentials for leading this style of training stem from over 20 years' experience in delivering and helping professionals deliver a wide variety of presentations and public performance. 

Having become a 4 time UK national public speaking champion has demanded more than mere speaking competence. It has required me to craft words and images with lasting impact, to develop stories that stay in the memory and lead unerringly to a memorable final message.

This has given me the perspective and practical experience to be able to coach and support executives from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, from finance and fashion through to project management and politics.  Even if their fields of endeavour and their styles of message vary, the fundamental building blocks of transformational communication remain the same for everyone.

Michael Ronayne delivering a contest winning speech at Bloomsbury House, London.

Course Content
Transformational Storytelling: a program of Focus and Flexibility

As we work together we will concentrate on:

- Crafting a presentation that builds upon the speaker's natural and personal style.

- Introducing stories or story fragments that enliven the presentation and reach across to the audience.

- Studying the impact of delivery, structure and content on the story.

- Using rhetorical devices to reinforce key elements of the narrative.

- Presenting stories, analogies and metaphors that align behind that clear purpose.

- Taking inspiration from common story or musical forms to aid structure.

- Developing physical, verbal and narrative congruence.

- Focusing on images that build rapport and establish credibility

- Presenting the most engaging and most influential YOU that you can be.

How it is delivered:

Typically the program is delivered with an initial half day session: with further sessions as required.

Where it is delivered:

Either at your offices, home or at a neutral venue if you would prefer more confidentiality.

The format of this style is fluid and adapted to each speaker's needs.

For further information, please contact Michael Ronayne on: 0330 043 2677 or by emailing michael@collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk.