1 Day Public Speaking Courses in Bristol & Cardiff

"Give me just 1 day in Bristol or Cardiff and I`ll give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to turn your public speaking fear around for good... promise!"

- says Richard Johnson, founder director of the College of Public Speaking which has helped over 10,000 people from 50+ countries to manage their fears and speak with confidence since 2006

Be honest now: when called upon to speak in public, how do you FEEL?

Scared? Paralysed? Shaky? Dry throat? Racing heartbeat? Profuse sweating?

Maybe even dizzy, short of breath or thrown into a full-scale panic attack?

If so, let me assure you: 

You are no different to the 10,000+ students, from 50+ countries who we've trained over the last 12 years to:
1) 'Reprogram' the fear they feel when asked to speak in public, and 
2) Speak from a position of genuine, easy confidence and poise, using simple and immensely powerful techniques.
3) Acknowledge your vulnerability and use it as a tool to create a connection with the audience.

People like Niraj from Gloucester, who said:

I was very impressed with the way you conducted the seminar. It was an eye opener and I learnt many new things and I look forward to my next presentation.

Or Ivan, a logistics manager from Caerleon, who said:

Just wanted to let you know that I spoke at my wife's memorial service yesterday in front of roughly 100 people. It was one of the most emotional days of my life and I could feel my heart thumping as I waited - due to nerves and the emotion…but the breathing exercises worked! And once I was on the stage I did a really good speech.

Or John, a mechanical technician from Bristol, who told me:

I really enjoyed the course, you helped me feel so much better about public speaking.

Or Amy, who said:

I never would have believed that I could have enjoyed giving a presentation, but I've just given one, it went really well and I loved it. Thank you so much!

Question 1: What is critical for you to resolve right now?

Question 2: What's going to happen if you don't sort it out?

Your Experienced Trainer: Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson, the College of Public Speaking

My name is Richard Johnson, and I'm the trainer for all our Bristol and Cardiff public speaking training. I'm an established and qualified speaker who has won awards at many levels and received many favourable comments on my presenting style, which has been described as engaging and energetic.

I joined the College of Public Speaking as a director in 2007 and I specialise in helping students overcome their fear of public speaking as well as developing an advanced curriculum for those working in management and leadership. I also talk regularly at charities, voluntary organisations and key business events.

If you're motivated to overcome your fear and enjoy life as a confident speaker and leader then I firmly believe that myself and the team at the College of Public Speaking have the skills to positively change your life.

Since 2006, we've helped thousands of people from organizations such as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Buckingham Palace, HM Treasury, Ministry of Justice, BT, HSBC, Oxfam and many private individuals who realise the value of this critical skill.

And to remove any risk from your experience, our promise is that if you complete our unique speaking process and have not become an effective speaker, we offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

What could your confidence, your career, your life look like in the next 12 months if you simply joined us for a day in Bristol, or Cardiff?

Here's the truth: your fear is nothing more than a bully that will melt away when properly confronted, leaving you free to enjoy the life and success you deserve...

You just need the correct strategies and techniques to overcome it...

And if you join me for just one day in a comfortable Bristol or Cardiff location you'll discover them, including:

•   How to build or rebuild your self-confidence
•   How to focus nervous energy on positive outcomes
•   The key to opening your speech with impact and confidence
•   How to demolish your false beliefs - and banish your stifling thoughts
•   The proven breathing techniques that help calm you down
•   A 6-point checklist to help you speak with confidence
•   Developing a base of certainty
•   Tapping into your personality, creativity and authenticity
•   Practising correct posture, breathing and relaxation
•   Building confidence through interactive group exercises

You'll get a unique understanding of the fear of public speaking - and a bag of effective tools and techniques you'll be able to call on, any time you need to speak in public at any time, in the rest of your life, no matter what the occasion. This truly is a 'life skill' you'll be learning!

Like all of our professional classes, it's accredited by CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. CIMA's parent group Pearson is the world's largest private educational concern.

Our Promise To You: Become An Effective Speaker - Or Your Money Back


Question 1: What is critical for you to resolve right now?

Question 2: What's going to happen if you don't sort it out?

Now, I'm sure you'll agree that the investment at stake is minimal by comparison to what this single day can do for your career.

But we'll make the decision even easier for you - by removing the risk.

We believe that you can become a first-class speaker.

We believe that becoming a first-class speaker requires knowledge of the underlying principles.

We believe that becoming a first-class speaker requires the practice of those principles.

We believe that our process is on the leading edge of practical development.

We believe in our customer feedback over the last nine years of research, development and delivery.

If you complete our unique speaking process - and don't reach an effective level as a result - speak to us on the day and we will refund your fee.

Act now to manage your fear once and for all - before it causes you any more embarrassment or ruins your big chance of success.

Click on one of the course dates below to book now.

Alternatively, for more information, you can call me on 0330 043 2677, or email me at richard@collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk.

I can't wait to help you become a more confident and proficient speaker.

Richard Johnson

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