Let Me Transform Your Public Speaking Fear Into New Confidence & Poise - In Just A Few Short Hours In London

Since 2006, over 2,000 people from 50+ countries - both private individuals and professionals sent by organisations including the UK Government, HSBC, BT, Oxfam and Buckingham Palace...

...have already learnt to manage their fears and speak with confidence using my simple, proven methodology.

Join me and a supportive group of like-minded peers for just one day in central London and I guarantee you will too.

Be honest now: when called upon to speak in public, how do you FEEL?

Scared? Paralysed? Shaky? Dry throat? Racing heartbeat? Profuse sweating?

Maybe even dizzy, short of breath… or thrown into a full-scale panic attack?

If so, let me assure you: 

You are similar to the 4,000+ students, from 50+ countries who I've trained over the last 11 years to:
1) 'Reprogram' the natural fear they feel when asked to speak in public, and 
2) Speak from a position of genuine, easy confidence and poise, using simple and immensely powerful techniques.

I want to help you escape from the prison of your mind so that you can enjoy the benefits of speaking fluency, including better understanding, communication and advanced experiences for pleasure, business and personal development.

And, once you understand how, you will never look back — as all these people, our previous students, have found.

People like Max Dyson, an architect from Dorking, who said:

'This course was an incredibly imaginative and empathetic experience which challenged my entire outlook on communication. My focus was inward not outward. I can see the light now.'

Or John Eden, an IT Manager from the West Midlands, who told me:

'The anxiety is gone — now that I understand it. Not only can I make a presentation -  I feel I have so much to give now. It's quite a transformation.'

Or Tariq Zarroug, who said:

'Thank you Vince for a fantastic course. I've already chaired our editorial meeting at work today (I'm a news editor at the BBC) with a lot of confidence and enthusiasm. I'm on a different trajectory now.'

Meanwhile, Sadie Jones of Wimbledon wrote: 

'I was stuck for so long. The nerve calming techniques really work. The visualisation and grounding exercises made me feel strong and in control. I feel so much more confident already. Thanks for helping me progress. It's the final piece of the jigsaw.'

While Abdulla from Dubai explained: 

'I feel much better about myself and I now have the confidence to step forward in my team and stop being overlooked for promotion. Thank you once again for helping me to evolve into a proficient speaker.'

Ann from South London emailed to say: 

'I just wanted to give you a quick update on my progress since attending your Fear of Public Speaking course earlier this year.

I'm not sure if you remember but I told you that I would be doing assemblies this month.

I did lots of preparation and did the assemblies the first week of this month.

It went better than expected and I have been blown away by the feedback - I have even been asked to do it again so will be doing two more assemblies next week.

I could never have imagined what an impact going on your course would have had. I am now so much more confident than I have ever been. '

And engineering graduate Dan Hynes of Edinburgh simply said: 

'Last year I hit rock bottom. I really wasn't going anywhere. This course was the best thing I have ever done.'

And over on Facebook, here's what some of our previous students say:

Now, imagine the joy and sense of personal fulfilment when YOU finally 'crack' public speaking, too...

Some people unlock public speaking quite quickly - but everything happens much faster when you're given the keys!

My name is Vince Stevenson - otherwise known as 'The Fear Doctor' - and as a founder of the College of Public Speaking, I must tell you in all seriousness that if you're motivated to overcome your fear and enjoy life as a confident speaker, we have the keys to positively change your life.

Since 2006, we've helped thousands of people from organizations such as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Buckingham Palace, BT, HSBC, Oxfam and many private individuals who realise the value of this critical skill.

What could your confidence, your career, your life look like in the next 12 months if you simply joined me for a day in London?

What is the price of staying where you are? Is the status quo stifling you?

Here's the truth: your fear is nothing more than a bully that will melt away when properly confronted, leaving you free to enjoy the life and success you deserve…

Fear says others will laugh at you; that you're not good enough; that you're not worthy enough; that your speeches will flop and that you are a flop.

Fear says you cannot cope; that you lack preparation; you don't know what you're talking about and that nobody is interested anyway.

Fear tells you that your topic is boring and your points and examples are obvious and not worth saying.

And as a result, fear holds you back, blocks your path to success and prevents you achieving your goals.

In just a day or two in London, I can help you overcome your anxiety — all you need to do is join me on my next Fear of Public Speaking course...

Fear is a bully and like most bullies, when properly confronted, its threat diminishes - leaving you free to enjoy the success you deserve.

You just need the correct strategies and techniques to overcome it…

Join me for just one day in a convenient, comfortable central London location I'll show you those key strategies and techniques, including:

•    How to build — or rebuild - your self-confidence

•    How to harness your nervous energy for positive outcomes

•    The key to opening your speech with impact and confidence

•    How to demolish your false beliefs - and banish your stifling thoughts

•    Proven breathing techniques that help calm you down

•    My 6-point checklist to help you speak with easy confidence and poise

•    How to develop your own 'base of certainty'

•    Tapping into your personality, creativity and authenticity

•    Practicing correct posture, breathing and relaxation

•    Building confidence through interactive group exercises

You'll get a unique understanding of the fear of public speaking - and a bag of effective tools and techniques for future use. 

And, like all of our professional classes, it's accredited by CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. CIMA's parent group Pearson is the world's largest private educational concern.

What's the difference between the one and two-day courses?

The 1 day is a great course and it's fast-paced. 

The 2 day is a bit more relaxed as we have more time to explore each individual's issues. 

And, on the 2 day course, you get an extra day's speech practice, expert feedback and more exposure to mindset techniques. 

Your Money Back Guarantee

Now, I'm sure you'll agree that the investment at stake is minimal by comparison to what this single day can do for your career.

But I'll make the decision even easier for you - by removing the risk.


We believe that you can become a first-class speaker.

We believe that becoming a first-class speaker requires knowledge of the underlying principles.

We believe that becoming a first-class speaker requires the practice of those principles.

We believe that our process is on the leading edge of practical development.

We believe in our customer feedback over the last eleven years of research, development and delivery.

If you complete our unique speaking process - and don't reach an effective level as a result - speak to me on the day and we will refund your fee.

Act now to manage your fear once and for all - before it causes you any more embarrassment or anxiety - or ruins your big chance of success.

Thinking about change is good - but results only come when you follow thinking with decisive ACTION.

Alternatively, you can wait, procrastinate and hand your opportunities to others.

If you have seen others struggle, that does not have to be your path too. You're different.

Of all the skills you could develop, this one is a professional game changer. 

Click on one of the course dates below to book now.

Or, if you have questions, please call me on 0330 043 2677 or email vince@collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk.

The world's most successful investor, Warren Buffett says, 'Make public speaking your primary career accomplishment.' And I'm ready and waiting to help you do just that.

Vince Stevenson
The 'Fear Doctor'

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