This could be the difference between achieving your dreams and not

One 1/2 day interview skills training course produces a massive breakthrough in personal impact.

Interview Skills
  • Do you want to improve your interview skills technique?
  • Need the boost in confidence that first class preparation brings?
  • Are you ready to step forward and take control of your future?

There is a massive need for interview candidates to thoroughly prepare for the big job interview because it is still very much a buyer's market. There are many well qualified and experienced candidates currently available and only the best prepared will find the success they deserve.

Evaluating performance from both sides of the table delivers revealing insights into successful interview skill strategies. The interview skills training course syllabus follows:

  • Applications, CVs and Cover Letters
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Arriving at the interview
  • Building Rapport with the Interviewer
  • Handling Tricky Situations
  • Managing Interview Presentations
  • Closing the Interview
  • Handling the Job Offer
  • Detailed course notes for future reference

If it's been a long time since your last job interview, we can help sharpen your technique with some focused exercises and role-plays.

We also do a lot of courses and workshops with university undergraduates and interviews for university applications. We are also aware that there is a great deal of public sector, civil servants and NHS staff looking for alternative employment. The College of Public Speaking can help you.

Interview 2

Feedback from exit interviews from both sides of the table indicates that many perfectly qualified and capable candidates do not achieve their interview goals simply due to poor preparation. Candidates' inability to answer straightforward interview questions puts them on the back foot. If your interview technique is not up to scratch, the odds are stacked against you.

Having worked hard on their CVs, many candidates make the assumption that their CV has been accepted and every salient point within it, digested by the interviewer. This is unlikely. Interviewers, particularly from the HR domain may see dozens of people every month. How much quality time can they allocate to each candidate's CV?

The interview is your prime opportunity to expand on your personality and achievements. Your CV is merely the hook, your interviewing technique is what will reel in the big fish.

Champagne Glasses

While the economy shows signs of recovery, those prepared for the upturn will be the eventual winners. Our interviewing skills course lasts a 1/2 day. There are theoretical sessions followed by participation in numerous role-play scenarios, both as an interviewer and interviewee. Our role-plays are videod and played back to accelerate the learning process.

The fee for our 1/2 day interviewing skills course is £400 + VAT 1-2-1 coaching session. We need to agree a mutually convenient date. If you have need of an urgent session, please call and we will endeavour to find a solution. It's also possible to book evening sessions.

For more details on Vince and his speaking achievements, click on the following link Vince Stevenson. Please contact Vince Stevenson at: 07731-876304 or by emailing

Interview Skills Training and Preparation

A great deal of time on the course is spent examining the types of interview questions you would generally expect. We also spend time devising coherent strategies for answering tricky interview questions. You will also receive comprehensive documentation for review following the course. The success factor lives in preparation as well as your ability to shine at the interview. If you are well prepared, confident and articulate, you have the type of unfair advantage that we all dream of in these circumstances. We have particular expertise and experience in helping the development of NHS staff and IT freelancers, civil servants and public sector staff. We also look after many legal staff; solicitors, lawyers and training contract interviews.

A personal note from Vince Stevenson

Since I became involved in personal development almost twenty years ago, I have been incredibly successful in helping others. Whenever I have asked individuals for a testimonial, I have never had a problem with them producing something encouraging regarding our work together. I have about an 80% strike rate of success from the feedback I receive following individuals' interviews. I'm sure that you'll find my feedback objective, supportive, constructive and encouraging. Because I work in the field of speaking and interviewing, I am giving feedback all the time. I know what to look for, I know how to coach people out of current habits and into new and successful patterns of behaviour. Most of all, I'm sure that you'll find our session thought-provoking. If there is anything holding you back from being successful, I will identify it and offer you alternative paths.

Please contact Vince Stevenson at: 0330 043 2677 or by emailing


'Thanks for the thorough grilling Vince. It gave me great confidence.'
Elaine Barker - NHS
'Excellent advice on body language and eye contact. Made all the difference on the big day.'
Ian Jones - Solicitor
'Perception, perception, perception, great interview technique and a great first impression.'
VJ Patel - Accountant
'Great tips on handling tricky questions and turning negatives into positives.'
Joanne Smith - Civil Servant
'Marvellous advice on closing an interview and getting the job.'
John Clark - Freelance Java programmer
'Super constructive feedback on personal development. Much appreciated.'
John Lowe - Undergraduate Oxford
'Gold dust - absolute gold dust. Many thanks.'
Jonathan Smith - Undergraduate Cambridge