Powerful Pitching

"In Just 1 Day in London, We'll Create a Powerful Pitch To Sell Yourself, Your Ideas, or Your Products with Complete Confidence..."

- says Elaine Powell, a specialist in presentation and pitching training with clients like the BBC, the Home Office, BT, Barnados, and a host of smaller organisations and over 600 workshops since 2006

One day. One powerful pitch. Sell yourself, your idea or your products. We’ll show you how. Address your audience confidently and win over your listeners with a polished, persuasive and professional pitch.
Whether you’re a newcomer to pitching, are nervous about an upcoming presentation or need to take your business and career to the next level, our intensive 1-day course will have you pitching like a pro. Guaranteed.


Being able to stand up and deliver your message with confidence is a skill that can get you ahead in life. Pitching is a skill, make no mistake. It can open doors, win investors, sell products and make names. It’s also incredibly daunting for many people and easy to get wrong. Don’t waste your opportunity – learn how to pitch like a pro with the College of Public Speaking London.

Meet Your New Teacher

Our 1-day course is delivered by Elaine Powell, a professional public speaker whose clients include the BBC, the Home Office, BT, Barnados, SMEs and entrepreneurs. She has run over 600 workshops since 2006 and has helped thousands of people develop the skills they need to walk into any room and win over any audience. She can teach you how to do the same.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone working in the public or private sector, running a business, launching a start-up, keen to become a thought leader, influencer or seeking investment. If you need people to sit up and take notice, buy your products or buy into your idea, sign up now.

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, managers – if you regularly have to network or find new business, this course will help you improve your communication skills, refine your sales pitch and close more deals.
  • Individuals looking for investment – if you’re trying to get your new business off the ground or raise funding for your existing business, the one-day Pitch like a Pro training will help you develop a successful pitch and give you the confidence, poise and skill set needed to raise funds, find new business partners or bring big new clients on board.
  • Those who fear presentations – If you fear presentations you could find yourself being passed over for promotion, unable to grow your business or be overlooked for new roles and responsibilities. By the end of the day, you’ll have an engaging, compelling and persuasive presentation style that fills you with confidence.
  • Those who want feedback – If you know you need professional coaching, mentoring or feedback to fine tune your existing pitch and really take it to the next level, Elaine will work with you and give you the benefit of more than a decade’s experience so you can practise and hone your pitch to make it the best it can possibly be.


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What to expect from our 1-day pitching workshop

Our popular London pitching workshop is a hands-on, interactive and collaborative 1-day course. The focus throughout is on crafting your own unique, compelling pitch that helps you achieve your goals – whether that’s to sell more, win more business, secure investment or feel more confident presenting.

You’ll work in a small group with a laser focus on creating an elevator pitch and main pitch that’s personal to you. There is no one-size fits all approach. We know that creating an amazing pitch which hits home and leaves your audience eager to learn more is a tall order on your own. Elaine will work closely with you to develop your individual pitch, refine the message, give feedback, guidance, suggestions and help you deliver with confidence.

By the end of the day you’ll know:

  • How to develop your pitch and deliver it with confidence
  • How to clarify, define and refine what your target audience wants to hear
  • How to package the benefits you offer in a clear, concise and compelling way
  • How to confidently answer the question “What Do You Do?”
  • How to control your nerves and direct your fears into a killer presentation
  • How to make your story engaging, enticing and memorable
  • How to deliver your pitch in a way that makes it difficult to ignore

You’ll leave the pitching workshop with:

  • A crafted practised ‘Elevator’ and ‘Main’ pitch that will help your products, ideas or ventures stand out
  • A clear, concise, compelling pitch architecture which you can use again and again
  • Development of your own story to bring your business to life 
  • Deeper clarity on your business solutions and what you offer
  • A delivery manner that contains authority, presence and passion
  • The ability to sell yourself and your services to clients more effectively
  • Ability to build a genuine rapport with the audience and manage tough questions
  • Skills to ensure you’re engaging, persuasive and enticing to those listening

Pitching workshops are limited to just 8 people to ensure one-to-one feedback, advice and training from our presentation and pitching professional Elaine Powell.

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