Powerful Pitching

"In Just 1 Day in London, We'll Create a Powerful Pitch To Sell Yourself, Your Ideas, or Your Products with Complete Confidence..."

- says Elaine Powell, a specialist in presentation and pitching training with clients like the BBC, the Home Office, BT, Barnados, and a host of smaller organisations and over 600 workshops since 2006

If you can't pitch, you fail to attract funding, and your career is stifled. But learn how to pitch like a pro... and there’s no stopping you.

There is no skill more important in your life than the ability to 'pitch' - to develop and deliver your core message succinctly and confidently.

This training is ideal for:

• entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals who go out networking, seeking new business and funding and who understand that you are always pitching and you get what you pitch for

• those seeking potential investors, customers, funding or business partners and want to develop your pitch

• those who recognise that feedback is essential to develop an extraordinary pitch

• those who want to ensure their presenting is engaging, persuasive and enticing to those listening

• those who want to have the space to create, practice and hone their pitch

Elaine has worked with a wide variety of clients – the public sector, the private sector, small business, large business, individual entrepreneurs.

When you develop the valuable skill of pitching… when you CAN effectively sell yourself, your ideas and your products, a whole host of benefits emerge, including:

  • Generate sales and income – for you and/or your organisation
  • Gain investment
  • Great opportunities, jobs, promotions and projects

And don’t forget: when you know how to pitch effectively, it's a valuable life skill.

Year in, year out, if you know how to pitch, you’ll always be in demand, and the opportunities will flow.

Your pitching coach for the day, Elaine Powell, has the experience to help you develop your own powerful pitch…

In this small group workshop, you’ll work closely with pitching expert Elaine to develop and deliver a powerful pitch for whatever context.

Having been trained in pitching by Mike Harris of First Direct and Egg, Elaine has also won several pitching competitions over the years, consistently and effectively pitches proposals for delivering workshops within the Civil Service, won funding from the Big Lottery and enrolled numerous partners and sponsors year on year to support TEDx@YouthCroydon.

  • Having observed so many pitches over the years, Elaine quickly zeros in on how to make your pitch win
  • You'll find invaluable new perspectives on your technique – often we can’t ‘see the wood for the trees’
  • You’ll have a unique opportunity to practice and receive feedback from Elaine 

The fundamental principles of effective pitching work no matter the context...

Whether you’re selling ideas, concepts, projects, plans, services or products…

...whether you want to inspire consumers, other businesses or colleagues…

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – because the principles of effective pitching are the same.


And, when you book your place securely online from this website, you do so with the reassurance of knowing that a host of organisations have already seen profound and lasting results from the small investment in Elaine’s Pitching course:

“Elaine delivered a 1 day workshop to a cohort of about 40 delegates from my business area.

As well as being very organised, with excellent pre-course communications and first-rate materials, she brought a potent blend of professionalism, humility, energy and good humour to the event.

Elaine showed a real passion for the subject and a genuine interest in the work that we do, and in the individuals on the course. These qualities came together not only to achieve the aims of our workshop but to genuinely inspire and energise our delegates along the way.

I am confident that the learning from this event will be instantly practical in the workplace, with the added benefit that many of the learning points can be applied to a variety of situations. I would recommend Elaine unreservedly for any learning needs relating to presenting and pitching.” Andrew Smith, Head of Subject Access Request Unit, Home Office - UK Visas & Immigration 

"Excellent workshop. Elaine is a great trainer and offers constructive feedback which has given me the confidence to go out there and pitch my business." Yasmin Sheikh

"Public speaking can be challenging but Elaine helps you to get into the right mindset, refine your pitch and give you the confidence to become a great speaker that people want to listen to." Gil Kahana, Co-Founder of ChattyFeet

"The workshop was fantastic. I love the fact that we jumped straight into practising and perfecting our pitch. Not a moment was wasted and so much was effortlessly packed into the schedule. Great trainer and program. I gained skills that I will take with me for a lifetime." O. Jarike, Health Business Owner

"Very useful and I am glad my initial pitch was flipped to be much more effective! It is more about the listener than me!" Michael Murdoch, The House London

"Great delivery, energy and uplifting. Really nice engagement and interaction with Elaine and between the peers. I loved it!" Aminur Rahman

"Good workshop. Very good balance between practice and theory." Wilhelmina Bruce-Larbi

"Really well paced and really enjoyed working collaboratively with others in a situation where the pressure was minimal but effective." Debra Levy

"I participated in the workshop led by Elaine and the experience was delightful. I am a professional speaker, and I learned really useful new tactics to improve my performance. Elaine created such a great group dynamics, we all felt really safe and benefited a lot from Elaine's guidance and each other's feedback. A great investment of my time! Thanks, Elaine! " Thais Compoint, CEO Declic International

Elaine will help you craft a unique pitch so compelling, that you leave important decision makers EAGER to learn more...

Not only that, but you’ll deliver it in your own, authentic style… without having to feel like someone you’re not.

Few people want to buy from overly ‘salesy’ people anyway. Most find it a big turnoff.

Elaine will help you understand and home in on the unique value you have to share with others. When you are in touch with that, your passion will show through in confidence, positivity, and – more often than not – a successful outcome.

Trying to nail a great pitch on your own is a tall order. There is nothing like real, expert feedback and coaching in person.

Here's some of what you’ll discover when you join us:

  • How to clarify, define and refine what your target audience wants to hear, and what benefits you offer in a clear and concise way
  • How to confidently, quickly answer the question “What Do You Do?”
  • You’ll craft an enticing elevator pitch, practice and receive constructive feedback
  • You will learn and practice delivery techniques that will take your pitch up to the next level and make it super memorable
  • How to reframe any nerves and fears so that they serve you
  • How to make your story engaging, enticing and memorable
  • Develop your main pitch, get priceless feedback and ample practice time

And, after investing just one day at this carefully designed workshop, you can expect to take away:

  • A crafted practised ‘Elevator’ and ‘Main’ pitch that will help your products, ideas or ventures stand out
  • A clear, concise, compelling pitch architecture you can use again and again
  • Development of your own story that will bring your business to life 
  • Deeper clarity on your business solutions and what you offer
  • A delivery that has authority, presence, passion, conviction and authenticity
  • The ability to sell yourself and your services to clients more effectively
  • Ability to build a genuine rapport with the audience and effectively manage questions
  • Skills to ensure you’re engaging, persuasive and enticing to those listening


• You've seen how, after just one day, you'll leave with a carefully crafted, practised ‘Elevator’ and ‘Main’ pitch you can use again and again...

...and only ever with small groups of up to 8 people - so no matter what your level, you're guaranteed the close attention of an expert trainer as you make a rapid improvement...

• And you've seen how the tiny investment pales into insignificance compared to the gains you can realistically expect from discovering how to deliver a brilliant pitch.

Now it's up to you - will you join us at the College of Public Speaking's next Pitching course, and develop your own powerful pitch?

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I can't wait to help you be able to pitch like a pro... 

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