Storytelling for business, rhetoric and key note speaking

Storytelling - why all great speakers use it, and how you can too

Your audience will never remember your point, but they will always remember your story!

And only once they remember your story, will they find their way back to your point.
Brilliant speakers and teachers live on in the mind, because they paint pictures that resonate long after the speech is over.

The aim of this 1 Day course in Stories, Pictures and Metaphors is to help you broaden your range of communication skills on the continuous journey to becoming a truly excellent speaker; teaching you how to source and then craft compelling stories and how to design and construct vivid metaphors that reinforce your message.

There is more to being an engaging speaker than just good eye-contact and a clear voice. 

Stories and well-chosen visual imagery will gain you the reputation of being a great teacher and a great communicator: in fact you may start to find that people say they had never understood things so clearly until they met you.

Whether you work in training, teaching, or selling, or, for that matter, any area requiring communication and persuasion, the ability to create a compelling image to underpin your argument is crucial to winning the sale or selling the message. 

A well-crafted, engaging story, in turn, also helps to improve those fundamentals of: vocal variety, engaging eye-contact and even the quality, subtlety and expanse of your gestures.

Course leader, Michael Ronayne is a 4 time UK National Public Speaking champion and draws in part on much of his knowledge and prize-winning speaking experience in the presentation and delivery of this hugely practical and powerful training programme.

Focus on stories and metaphors brings two huge advantages. 

From the listener's point of view, a well-crafted image or story is always much more memorable and more engaging than dry facts and data.

And from the speaker's own point of view, having a presentation structured around clear images and stories is much easier to prepare and much more natural to deliver. A definite 'win - win'.

Powerful stories and potent images are around us all the time.

Advertisers have long realised that the blander the product, the more engaging their story needs to be to persuade the buyer. Disney has always been very good at promoting their own set of moral values in their films. And of course our childrens' book shelves are overflowing with myths and rhymes filled with subtle messages, home truths and moral guidance.

Excellent speakers learn to harness the power of persuasive imagery because they realise that facts and figures will never move us to action, but stories and pictures always will.

Great speakers, great trainers and great coaches are all masters at creating simple clear images that stay in the listeners' minds. A skill that you can learn to emulate.

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