Introducing the Summer Speaking Spectacular: 2 Days to New Presence, Confidence and Charisma in Every Aspect of Your Life

We have former students travelling from Frankfurt, Vienna, Nassau, Barcelona and the Middle-East.

Find your voice and discover new ways to truly connect at the Summer Speaking Spectacular...

A unique opportunity for intensive coaching from a ‘Dream Team’ of internationally recognised experts in overcoming anxiety, vocal performance, storytelling and physiology...

Imagine if you were free to have more presence, confidence and charisma. What would that do for you? You're free to choose your own outcomes. Outcomes that will have a profound impact on the way you enjoy your life.

Finally, here’s a one-off, totally immersive two-day experience designed to offer you presence, confidence and charisma in every aspect of your life – no matter where you’re starting from. If you've made 2018 a special year for personal development, then you don't want to miss this opportunity to brighten up your life in view of what's happening around us.

The news is pretty glum. Chemical attacks in Syria. Poisoned ex-spy in Salisbury. Two years of Brexit uncertainty. 

If you hope that our politicians will come up with great solutions to the complexities of modern life, don't wait too long. I've been observing all of my 50+ years. The secret of success lies safely in your hands.

So how do we navigate ourselves through a troubled world of pain, suffering and tragedy while living a life of purpose?

It's simple. We invest in ourselves. For really successful people, there's nothing like your own personal development which is longer-lasting and more fulfilling. So where do we start?

If you currently feel as though:

  • You lack presence or charisma
  • You lack confidence in your voice or certainty in your spoken delivery
  • Your voice is drowned out by more confident and vocal colleagues
  • You're tired of being ignored for promotions and other opportunities...
  • ...because you never speak up for the true value of your work and achievements, you're inconsequential...
  • everybody else is having fun, but not you...

…then it’s OK – but please know, you CAN change the default setting of your life:

  • You too CAN become dynamic in your voice, both fluent and articulate
  • You too CAN become more vocal, influential and assertive
  • You too CAN create boundaries and set the pace for a successful life

In a totally safe and supportive environment, with the leadership and coaching from four of the world’s foremost experts in their fields, you’ll find your true voice. You’ll discover a simple and transformational approach to communication…

And after this, when you talk… they’ll listen. 

One of the major themes of this two-day workshop will be helping you to explore the voice.

The other major theme is about connection. As human beings, we have a deep-rooted desire to connect, and we'll be doing lots of connection exercises to build your confidence.

And EVERYTHING has been designed around the principles of fun and engagement!

Lots of short sharp explanations and exercises to keep you on your toes while you connect with your new colleagues.

If you're looking to hone your stage presence and charisma, there is only one place to be in June - and that's with us at the College of Public Speaking's Summer Speaking Spectacular.

You'll be in great company: since 2006 we've trained over 10,000 alumni from all over the world and household name organisations such as:

GlaxoSmithKline - ExxonMobil - Lockheed Martin - London School of Economics - The Houses of Parliament - MSF -  Save the Children - The Asia Foundation - Oxfam - Sky - RBS - UBS - Deutsche Bank - HM Treasury - Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Bank of England - Ministry of Justice 

You’ll discover the FOUR key dimensions of Presence, Confidence and Charisma…

And each one of them is addressed at this event in a unique way by an internationally recognised expert in their field…

…brought together for you for the very first time by the College of Public Speaking.

Introducing your ‘Dream Team’: four global experts with unique ‘superpowers’ to help you achieve new Presence, Confidence and Charisma in every aspect of your life…

Have you ever heard of ‘The Fantastic Four’ movies (or comic books)?

Four individuals - each with their own unique superpowers - come together to help others.

Each is amazing in their own right – but when they work together, the whole is even greater than the sum of the parts.

And so it is with your team of expert coaches for the Summer Speaking Spectacular…

  • Your specialist coach for overcoming fear and anxiety: Vince Stevenson aka The Fear Doctor (‘Superpower’ – managing fear and anxiety)
  • Your specialist coach for vocal confidence: Sylvie Lui (‘Superpower’ – former actress specialising in vocal performance 
  • Your specialist coach for powerful storytelling: Alex Glod (‘Superpower’ - the art and science of story)
  • Your specialist coach for a healthier body and mind: Ulf Tölle MPH aka The Motion Master®  (‘Superpower’ – anatomy, physiology and wellbeing)

And here are the FOUR key dimensions of new Presence, Confidence and Charisma they'll be working with you on over two exciting days:

Dimension 1: Overcoming Fear & Anxiety, including:

  1. How to build or rebuild your self-confidence – and focus nervous energy on positive outcomes
  2. Why people listen to some individuals and not others (hint: influential people are influential NOT primarily because of WHAT they say but because of the special WAY they say it)
  3. How to use your body as the vehicle that creates opportunities for confident, authentic self-expression and natural influence
  4. You need to be a great speaker and presenter with a huge following to be impactful, right? Wrong: how to use simple structures, presentation tactics, solid introductions and conclusive endings to make an impact every time
  5. How to sound completely credible EVERY TIME - in meetings with colleagues and clients, when you’re discussing budgets, staffing, resources, logistics, timescales, or having difficult conversations
  6. How to get colleagues and clients to listen and to act upon your words
  7. How to build the confidence to relay your message with expressive impact
  8. Improvisation and impromptu speaking exercises
  9. The proven breathing techniques that help calm you down

relaxed lady  sandy beach

Be prepared for fun, relaxation and some rhythmic dancing. 

Two major causes of anxiety are perfectionism and worrying about what people think about you. 

After 20 minutes of rhythmic dancing - you don't care what anybody thinks about you! Which is wonderful.

“If your joy is derived from what society thinks of you, you're always going to be disappointed.” - Madonna

Music and dance are two well-respected methods for transcending yourself. Learn to live life on your own terms.

Reach for the stars. Live for every moment. Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening. Follow your dreams.

Laugh and smile unconditionally. Take pleasure in your learning and helping the learning of others. 

Your specialist coach for overcoming fear and anxiety: Vince Stevenson aka The Fear Doctor (‘Superpower’ – re-programming fear and anxiety)

Vince is a well-known speaker, trainer and author and has won a number of awards for leadership, education and development. He is a founder of the College of Public Speaking and works as Education Director managing all aspects of course delivery and content. He is also one of the UK's leading speech coaches and has worked with leaders across the spectrum of politics, industry, finance as well as developing a largely humanitarian role in international projects.

Vince is an avid learner and in recent years has accomplished a number of certificates in Learning and Communication Science with the University of California, San Diego, the University of Amsterdam, and Instructional Design with the Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore.

Vince is a qualified teacher/trainer and over the last fifteen years, his enthusiastic membership of several voluntary organisations has helped to raise the awareness and standards of effective communication. He is the trusted adviser behind the College's outstanding 'pro bono' service to the Third Sector.

In recent years Vince has delivered sessions for the Civil Service in Mauritius, various programs at Insead International Business School near Paris and at the Asia Foundation and Save the Children in Bangladesh. He has assisted the development of the TEDx Storytelling project in Bucharest and Sibiu.

Vince has also been a guest speaker at LSE, UCL, KCL and SOAS as well as the University of Malta.

He is a regular contributor at St Mungo’s Recovery College, Changing Faces and Medecins Sans Frontieres. In recent years he was the guest keynote speaker at the Chartered Institute of Management Accounts Executive Academy, keynote speaker at Royal Bank of Scotland, London, keynote speaker at the Women's Fabian Society at the House of Commons, London and the Zajel Peace Project, Nablus. In November 2017 Vince wrote the inaugural speeches for the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.   

  Vocal waves

Dimension 2: Total Vocal Confidence, including:

  1. How to get completely comfortable with your primary method of expression: your voice
  2. How to strengthen a weak or thin voice
  3. Grand ideas trashed and abandoned at the first hurdle? How to get colleagues to listen to you more often and with greater respect
  4. How to use the correct exercises, to help your voice ‘muscle’ grow, become stronger and more vibrant
  5. How to train your voice to become warm, dynamic, rich… more attractive and more credible
  6. How developing a great voice will give you emotional freedom – and enhance the quality of your relationships and your life

Your specialist coach for vocal confidence: Sylvie Lui (‘Superpower’ – trained actress specialising in vocal performance and communication) 

Sylvie is a specialist in vocal performance training ranging from effective communication, impactful presentations, public speaking to accent softening. Her practice is refined from expert training in acting, voice and knowledge of the vocal anatomy in relation to how the body works. Her thorough understanding of intercultural, interpersonal and organisational communication is evident in her approach to teaching voice.

Originating from a traditional background of teaching voice in the arts, Sylvie particularly enjoys tailoring and teaching voice skills to business professionals and non-performers. Her interest lies in bridging the gap of differing industries by using the same vocal communication skills that can increase the vocal presence, clarity, resonance and storytelling of any speaking, pitching or communication tasks. 

Sylvie has had extensive experience with voice training across all sectors. Her most recent work has been with clients within financial services, charities, performing arts and accent softening for international clients. She has also provided private workshops to the MBA students at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford, working with individuals with careers in Law, Medicine, Finance and Insurance, Technology, Engineering, NGOs, Education, Arts and Global Entrepreneurship.

Sylvie is a trained voice coach and has been awarded a Masters of Fine Art from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. She currently teaches privately, at high-calibre drama and dance schools in the UK and is the principle voice coach at Shout at Cancer Charity, helping people who have undergone laryngectomy surgeries (removal of voice box due to cancer) to learn to use and love their voices.

Dimension 3: Achieving Greater Impact & Recall With The Power Of Storytelling, including:

  1. Where every business or organisation can find lots of stories to share and discover
  2. How to use your organisation's history of challenges and achievements, the stories of its employees, as well as the stories of its customers
  3. How to use stories to foster a healthy organisational culture and earn the trust and respect of your customers


Your specialist coach for powerful storytelling: Alex Glod (‘Superpower’ - the art and science of story)

Alex is a Storyteller, Trainer and TEDx Speaker at TEDx University of Piraeus 2015 and TEDx Bacau 2015.

In the past 7 years, he has trained over 1,500 people in Public Speaking, Storytelling and Leadership in countries from both Europe and Asia and has taught over 7,000 students on Udemy.

Alex advocates for a human approach to Marketing, Leadership and Education and teaches leaders, entrepreneurs and educators to use personal stories to connect authentically with their audiences.

Dimension 4: Healthier Body, Healthier Mind, including:

  1. Why your body is the vehicle that creates opportunities for self-expression
  2. Simple ways of creating life-changing habits around health and fitness – with a major potential impact on your life outcomes
  3. How to use your body to its full potential
  4. “A truly liberating experience:’ how to understand your own anatomy and physiology is a liberating experience
  5. Understanding your vocal apparatus and respiratory system
  6. When your system works for you and doesn't hold you back, that's when the magic of change occurs
  7. Why the mind and body are totally integrated, and what affects one affects the other
  8. How to achieve balance, calm and harmony. (Clue: when that's achieved, everything is possible!)
  9. Why, although, we drink tea and coffee habitually, they are possibly one of the main reasons your body is inhibited
  10. How ‘vasoconstrictors’ such as tea and coffee narrow the blood vessels and lessen the effective flow of oxygen 
  11. We'll explore posture, breathing and relaxation exercises designed to accelerate the flow of oxygen through conscious breathing

Your specialist coach for a healthier body and mind: Ulf Tölle MPH aka The Motion Master® (‘Superpower’ – anatomy, physiology and wellbeing)

Ulf Tölle MPH akaThe Motion Master® is a highly qualified health expert and neuro-muscular re-education specialist, with more than 30 years’ experience in Performance Coaching, 10 of which he spent teaching movement at the university.  

Ulf is passionate about health. He believes that becoming as healthy as possible enables you to shape the world and empower others. He supports people and shows them how to achieve a better quality of life. Because life happens in movement, his workshops aim to put you back in charge of your own movement health – empowering each person to improve and master the quality of their movement and coordination. 

After working as a performer and soloist, Ulf went on to coach world-class athletes and musicians. As a performance coach, Ulf has worked with professional orchestras (in rehearsal) in Brazil, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Since the '90s Ulf has worked in employee health and for the past 14 years, he has been working in the office of an orthopaedic specialist, specializing in movement rehabilitation after injuries and accidents. Ulf holds a degree in pedagogics, a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the Swiss Universities Basel, Bern and Zurich, and is a certified complementary therapist.


Your venue: Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum, London SW7 4DN

For this mid-summer special designed to shed light on the magic of the voice and excellent public speaking, we knew that the right venue was essential.

We searched for and visited over twenty London venues before the Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum was selected for its stunning natural daylight.

Classroom Logistics

We have 3 classrooms with one, particularly large room. The two smaller rooms accommodate 30 people each. There will be a schedule of events with the different trainers each trading students and classrooms depending on student preferences. We've designed the event to be as flexible as possible to allow students to have access to all four specialist trainers at various points during the weekend. You'll be invited to make short speeches on various themes and to participate in the fun and engaging exercises. You'll have the opportunity to develop your speaking and spontaneity in front of large and small groups alike. We aim to open your mind to the possibilities of what you can achieve.

None of the exercises are compulsory and we advise you not to participate in these if there were a danger of strain or severe discomfort. There will be a waiver/disclaimer notice to sign.

How to get to the Holiday Inn

The hotel is 5 minutes walk from Gloucester Road tube which is on the District and Circle Lines (Three stops from Victoria station). Turn left out of the station, turn the corner and you'll find a Garfunkel's restaurant. Walk past Garfunkel's and 100 yards down you'll come to the following signs. You have almost arrived.

Ashburn PlaceHoliday Inn

If you're serious about personal development and achievement then we sincerely encourage you to attend the Summer Speaking Spectacular to explore and experience the wonders of your voice.

When you book your place securely online from this website, you do so with reassurance...

...knowing that a host of organisations and individuals saw profound and lasting results from their investment with the College of Public Speaking:

'Each and every one of us grew in confidence and performance skill...'

'Life-enhancing... much more than a public speaking course...'

'Hi Vince, it was great.

In fact for me, probably life-enhancing.

It was much more than a public speaking course - your discussions on psychology and philosophy were an unexpected treat.

I am now really looking forward to my first lecture!

I have had such a phobia about public speaking, formal and informal, that I think I now have the confidence to face my new world and anything goes.

I found the team were so supportive and such a refreshing change for me coming from a narrow technical background. So thanks again.' - Rick

'Persuasion is a lot easier... I discovered tools and techniques which I now use on a daily basis...'

'I was really interested in the course but I didn't think I could persuade my training manager to stump up the budget.

Vince suggested a simple method to get on his wavelength.

Once I presented my request in a structured manner the decision went my way.

There were lots of other useful tools and techniques on the course which I now use on a daily basis. 

Persuasion is a lot easier when you approach it from the right angle.' - Sarah

'It has helped increase my confidence... Vince teaches both the methodology and psychology in the easiest and most professional manner...'

Feedback from a previous attendee at 5 Day Discovery

'An excellent course... has given me great confidence...'

'Thanks for an excellent course, Vince.

It really has me thinking about my possibilities.

I have very limited opportunities to practice on a regular basis so as the videos show, I am now a well-grounded speaker that gives me great confidence going forward.' - Frank

'Much more than I imagined... intense and extremely beneficial...'

'Dear Vince, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the whole experience intense and extremely beneficial.

Much more than I imagined.' - Janine

Why your investment in the Summer Speaking Spectacular is essentially free!

Let's cut to the chase and be very honest with one another right now

You know, and I know, that the juicy contract...

..the top job...

...the most desirable guy or girl...

...does NOT go to the 'best' candidate...

It goes to the best, most confident COMMUNICATOR, doesn't it?

Want the truth about the world we live in?

The best communicator wins! Every time!

Knowing this, does it seem over-the-top to imagine that the new skills, the new level of confidence, power and poise you'll walk away with for the rest of your life...

...might be worth - say - an added £1,000 in salary to you, every year for the rest of your career?

What might that be worth for you?

£20,000? £30,000, perhaps?

Well, the investment in attending the Summer Speaking Spectacular is nothing like that.

Your investment in this immersive, not-to-be-forgotten experience is currently just £150 + VAT, but from mid-May it will be the full price.

That's the equivalent of less than £1 per day over the next year!

Worth it to enjoy new presence, charisma and confidence?

So: booking your place at the Summer Speaking Spectacular should be a very easy decision!

After all:

• You've seen how the course is a UNIQUE opportunity to develop new presence, confidence and charisma - in just two days in London

• You've seen how you'll get the very best information and hands-on coaching from our ‘Dream Team’ of experts from all over the world who come together to combine the four essential ‘superpowers’ you need for a truly confident voice

• You've seen the glowing feedback from previous courses and events run by the College of Public Speaking...

• And you've seen how the tiny investment of the course fee pales into insignificance compared to the gains in your professional and personal life you can expect from attending.

Now it's up to you - will you join us at the College of Public Speaking's Summer Speaking Spectacular, find your true voice and gain brand new presence, confidence and charisma?

Just click on the booking button above to begin this wonderful journey securely online now...

...or if you have any queries, please contact your facilitator Vince Stevenson on 0330 043 2677 or by emailing

But please be quick - we have only limited spaces available.

So if you want to secure your place at this very special one-off event, best to act now!

P.S. When you join us for this event, you'll get 10% off your next one with us.

Already been on a different course with us at the College of Public Speaking? 

That means you'll get 10% off this one. 

And, if you refer a friend, not only will THEY get 10% off, but we'll give YOU 10% of the course fee too, as a thank you. 

Please contact Vince Stevenson direct to organise your discount or referral fee for you and your friend - and we look forward to seeing you soon.

P.P.S. We have created a special app for the event, available for both Apple iOS and Android. It can be downloaded for free below.

There are two levels of access - general group access (somebody who is interested in our work/projects), and member, which is somebody who has signed up and paid for this event. Members will receive a number of updates leading up to the event, informing them of the plan for the event.

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