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Train The Trainer Course 5 Day Certification

by College of Public Speaking

This Train The Trainer Course is a 5 Day Certification that brings you up to date with the latest training techniques. training qualifications, and models.

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Course Overview

The Margolis Method espouses creativity, engagement, exploration and detailed analysis of the training solution required. Chalk and talk days are over. The Margolis Method invites you to bring all of your knowledge, skills, experience and professionalism into the classroom conversation.

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Course Information

Course Summary

So what's the difference between the 2-day and 5-day Train The Trainer course in London?

This course is a tour de force of the training world. In five short days, your eyes will be opened to an array of training skills honed and delivered by master trainer Alan Margolis.

  • Days 1 & 2 are the same as the 2-day course (including ILM and CIMA accreditations)
  • Days 3 to 5 are an in-depth exploration of training engagement tools and techniques to help you find the correct tool for the intended training context.
  • Knowing about these tools is valuable, and having the confidence to pull it off in the classroom is your next step up the career ladder. Psychological techniques can be applied to promote inclusion, motivation, and student buy-in. This class allows you to practice them with your colleagues in real time.
    Course trainer Alan Margolis is an expert in experiential learning – he cast chalk and talk techniques aside decades ago. Come and witness the Margolis Method on this 5-day course.

           Is your training manager reluctant to send you on the course? Email College of Public Speaking founder Vince Stevenson, who'll discuss with you a training proposal that all forms of managers would like to read. All managers want to witness their training investment by becoming more productive, achieving more, and creating an individual, team, departmental, and company success. If you're serious about attending the course and have a strong track record of achievement in your career, email Vince at vince@collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk.

Do you get confused with the myriad of training development options?

Train the Trainer Classroom scene Classroom ready for IT students Train the Trainer presentation on whiteboard
training the Trainer horseshoe room set up Training the Trainer with flipchart Training the Trainer speaker facing the students

There’s no shortage of room layouts or training techniques to utilize, but which is best for each training context? That’s a long piece of string, isn’t it? There are many variables to take into account:
The company
The training facility and its resources 

How many learners can it support?
The experience of the trainer
The existing knowledge, skills, and motivations of the learners
Don’t worry if you’re a little confused. It’s normal.
Our TTT man Alan Margolis will guide you to ideal outcomes.
The first thing to establish is your purpose. What do you want to achieve, and by when?

Training the Trainer afternoon session

Here’s what the course covers:

Day 3

How to create a safe and supportive learning environment

Rules and guidelines for participants and trainer

Using ice breakers at the start of the course to dispel any possible negative
thoughts/body language and feelings

Suggestions for specific participant feedback after any activity/learning event

Use of specific feedback language to ensure 'buy in'

Authentic listening and observation skills

Appropriate use of Energisers throughout the course

Day 4

Using the helicopter approach to team problem solving

Sabotage - insights into how saboteurs get fuel for their behaviours

The truth option - an interesting method of highlighting any issues in a safe manner

The benefit of 'Attention Switchers'

Setting up the training location to ensure maximum engagement

Use of trust exercises

Pass the buck - A unique opportunity of airing one's opinion in a safe and supportive

Democratic voting to ensure everybody's opinion can be aired

The Problem Bin enables “problems” or questions to be dealt with at a more
appropriate time.

How to use Trainer's Body Language and increase presentation and observation skills

Day 5

Introducing 'Role Play' scenarios in a fun, interesting, non-threatening environment

Using negotiating and influencing skills

Introduction to the uses of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Utilizing conflict management processes that result in win/win

Using Verbal Judo - a specific 5 stage process to produce agreement even in the
most awful conflict situations

How to use stress management processes in participants

Appropriate use of creative problem solving including 'guided fantasy' and 'creative visualization' methods

Use of an exclusive IP method to deal with any 'problems' for use in participants' companies resulting in Return on Investment

Course endings - Leaving participants in a great and positive frame of mind

Course ending and participants' validations

Why the investment in our 5-day Train the Trainer course in London is essentially free

The role of an in-house trainer has many obstacles and opportunities. Every day is a slog if you're not invested in your company's vision or training methods.

Suppose you're looking for opportunities to re-engineer difficulties and implement cost-cutting measures that make your business more flexible, responsive to the market, and successful. In that case, these are some insights you'll take away from this course. Understanding the business and the everyday issues will put you in an incredibly influential position where you'll be respected and valued. That, I believe, is the best job in the world. Everybody has time for a bit more heaven on earth.

The vast majority of employers report 'a tangible increase in their managers' capability after an ILM qualification like this!

Here's what some of our inspired students said about Alan's last 5-day course:

'I learned more in Alan's class than in years of standalone training. This is a game-changing event.' Ursula Hoff

'I was beginning to lose my muse for training when a colleague suggested I try the Margolis Method. It was an eye-opener to experience the limitless opportunities that exist to make all forms of training interesting and engaging.' Alan Woods

'Genius - Absolute genius. Alan has a wealth of experience that he shares confidently and confidentially. Magicians have the Magic Circle - all trainers need this.' Ely Foulks

We recognize this is a significant investment in your training career that your manager and finance director are praying will pay dividends. We understand the end-to-end process of the training cycle. That's why we invest in the best. The Margolis Method will present you with so many engaging training options, you'll see your profession in a different light.

So, booking your place at the College of Public Speaking's next 5-day Train the Trainer Course is a simple decision.

After all:

• You'll have made a huge experiential leap forward in your training studies and abilities

• Small and large groups will reap the hard-earned benefits of your professionalism...

• You'll have found a new and more confident self - capable of achieving training outcomes beyond earlier expectation

...organizations like the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, GlaxoSmithKlein, Save the Children, the Home Office, the Royal College Of Paediatrics and Child Health, Serco, London Borough of Haringey, A2B Aero, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Landmark Aviation, Lockheed Martin, Olympus Europe and more!

The investment of just £1875 + VAT brings you a revitalized training persona.

Now it's up to you - will you join us at the College of Public Speaking's next Training the Trainer 5-day course and become a doubly-certified professional trainer?
Just click on the booking link and secure your seat securely online.


  • 'Excellent, knowledgeable, able to adapt very flexibly to delegates needs. Superb.'
    Jessica Damms - Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • 'Very relaxed atmosphere, which made it easy to learn.'
    Jocelyn Sekibo - London Borough of Haringey
  • 'Very good approach, speed and ability to adapt the training to our needs. Very impressed.'
    Alan Lovegrove - Serco
  • 'Excellent rapport; brilliant communicator and deliverer. Great ability to be flexible and still bring back on track.'
    Melanie Charles - TEN UK
  • 'Excellent course - the learning will stay with me for the rest of my career!'
    Jane Russell - Northumberland CC
  • 'Amazing, thoroughly enjoyed course and feel it has made a huge difference to my training abilities. - will be recommending this to my colleagues, as I had it recommended to me.'
    Dr Ingrid Jolley - Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
  • 'The best training of trainer course I have ever attended. Thank you!'
    Debbie Armstrong - Viridian Housing
  • Excellent - very engaging, attentive to delegates' needs. Good pace. Plenty of real examples'
    Jim Parker - Ukas
  • 'I now feel confident about designing and delivering a workshop'
    Grace Graham - Sebright Children's Centre
  • 'Fantastic, left me feeling motivated and confident! I've never felt so positive about carrying out my job.'
    Corinne Moore - Tees Valley Unlimited
  • 'Great course - has prompted me to review how I run training sessions - confidence improved in presenting.'
    Sarah Quinlan - Royal College of Paediatrics
  • 'Approach and support was excellent. Very clear throughout.'
    Jeanette Judge - Home Office
  • 'Fantastic!! Will be recommending to all that will listen.'
    Chris Harvey - Landmark Aviation


We offer a totally confidential service and encourage liaising with clients before they consider booking courses. We recognise the significant investment in your time and resources. We accept your tight timescales and eagerness to take the next steps. Our payment options are practical and simple. For your security, we hold no client payment details online. With ever sophisticated cybercrime, your safety and security are paramount.

Our Guarantee

The College of Public Speaking is the UK's leading specialist public speaking organisation.
All of our trainers are not just qualified in their field, but passionate specialists who live and thrive in that sphere.
Our guarantee is that you'll enjoy a great learning experience at our course centre in King's Cross.
The venue is a 10-minute walk from the London Underground, British Rail, and the Eurostar terminals.
Accessibility is key - so come and join us within the next month. Check our Offers page to see what's hot this month.


  • "An exceptionally useful day's training, delivered in a positive and personanable manner, very enjoyable and significant food for thought. Thank You."

    Diane Wilson - DCI Notts Police
  • "The anxiety is gone - now that I understand it. Not only can I make a presentation - I feel I have so much to give now. It's quite a transformation."

    John Eden
  • "Since attending the course, I feel like a completely different person; more confident, relaxed and easy going. I gave a speech at work last week and it went so so well."

    Ben Harding
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