“Are you having trouble with your English Pronunciation?"

Do you feel that the way you speak is getting in the way?

This can be about both general vocal communication, accent work or both at the same time.

I’d be happy to help you with all your vocal challenges!

- says professional voice coach and trained actor, Sylvie Lui, voice coach to individuals at Amazon, Sony, HSBC and member of the British Voice Association and Voice & Speech Trainers Association


Is English a new language for you?

Have you ever experienced prejudice towards your accent?

Do you feel that the way you speak prevents you from reaching your best potential at work?

If you need help with accent softening or learning to speak with more clarity and articulation, then sign up with Sylvie!

The way you communicate will have a huge bearing on your personal and professional success.

If you’re not hitting the heights you expect, perhaps something isn’t working.

Sometimes, the way we communicate is not impactful enough and other times you can also find a barrier due to speaking with an accent if English is not your first language.

How can we turn that around with you? How can we get you on the right path to success?

Well, we have the answer and the answer is our resident voice specialist, Sylvie Lui. If anybody can help you find your way, it's Sylvie.

Imagine yourself with a beautifully refined voice - we can make your dreams come true, just as we have for many others...

Our voice coaching lessons concentrate on articulation and clarity:

  • breathing exercises - producing a voice of sustained quality
  • vocal variety and vocal energy - produce an interesting voice
  • accent softening and reduction exercises where required
  • articulation exercises - clarity of diction
  • and much, much more... see below

Our voice coaching, clarity of articulation and English accent softening courses are guaranteed to develop your voice in a supportive and positive manner.

The human voice is the most incredibly expressive communication tool, but only a handful of people begin to develop its true potential.

A clear and confident voice tells your audience a great deal about you. The human voice is infinitely dynamic and as individuals, we are all unique. With us, you will learn how to strengthen, develop and in time, master this all-important tool. It's our pleasure to help you find yourself and your voice.

Clarity of diction is all important and with practise and repetition of key articulation exercises, your most important messages will begin to flow confidently.

We have developed vocal exercises from clients across the world. In London, we have a magical array of international voices. Our major experience is with clients from China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Spain, South and Central America, Italy, Greece, France and Russia.

A half day voice coaching workshop 1-2-1 lasts 3.5 hours. It is intensive work and the results are incredibly effective. You will also have hand-outs to take away and you'll be able to practise at home.

If English is not your first language, we have extensive experience of working with people with strong accents from around the world. Our accent softening workshops are designed to help anybody who feels that their accent could be holding back their professional development.

Group sessions and 1-2-1 voice coaching

We offer group sessions (1 day at £300 + VAT at Bloomsbury, London). If you have a particular requirement, just give us a call.

You'll find us friendly, flexible and also willing to produce a solution matched to your needs and budget.

Total Vocal Confidence, including:

  1. How to get completely comfortable with your primary method of expression: your voice
  2. How to strengthen a weak or thin voice
  3. Grand ideas trashed and abandoned at the first hurdle? How to get colleagues to listen to you more often and with greater respect
  4. How to use the correct exercises, to help your voice ‘muscle’ grow, become stronger and more vibrant
  5. How to train your voice to become warm, dynamic, rich… more attractive and more credible
  6. How developing a great voice will give you emotional freedom – and enhance the quality of your relationships and your life

Your specialist coach for vocal confidence: Sylvie Lui (trained actress specialising in vocal performance and communication) 

Sylvie is a specialist in vocal performance training ranging from effective communication, impactful presentations, public speaking to accent softening. Her practice is refined from expert training in acting, voice and knowledge of the vocal anatomy in relation to how the body works. Her thorough understanding of intercultural, interpersonal and organisational communication is evident in her approach to teaching voice.

Originating from a traditional background of teaching voice in the arts, Sylvie particularly enjoys tailoring and teaching voice skills to business professionals and non-performers. Her interest lies in bridging the gap between differing industries by using the same vocal communication skills that can increase the vocal presence, clarity, resonance and storytelling of any speaking, pitching or communication tasks. 

Sylvie has had extensive experience with voice training across all sectors. Her most recent work has been with clients within financial services, charities, performing arts and accent softening for international clients. She has also provided private workshops to the MBA students at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford, working with individuals with careers in Law, Medicine, Finance and Insurance, Technology, Engineering, NGOs, Education, Arts and Global Entrepreneurship.

Sylvie is a trained voice coach and has been awarded a Masters of Fine Art from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. She currently works with high-calibre drama and dance schools in the UK and is the principle voice coach at Shout at Cancer Charity, helping people who have undergone laryngectomy surgeries (removal of voice box due to cancer) to learn to use and love their voices.

Client feedback:

"Decades of cold-sweat fear of public speaking crushed in 90 minutes. Sylvie, you addressed all of my issues (projection, octave, pace, confidence) in a really creative way. I loved it. I'll be incorporating your advice about movement, speed, breathing, and accentuating keywords from now on. Thank you so much for today's workshop."  

New York City, USA Impact & Investment Communications, Fordham Foundry/AXN

"Attending the Voice session with Sylvie was very beneficial as it helped me identify the areas of improvement while addressing an audience group. Having multiple sessions like this would contribute well to my journey to becoming an effective speaker. I am looking forward to attending more sessions!" 

London, UK Product Management/Partner Analysis, ARM

"You will be surprised at how much a vocal training can achieve. Sylvie was a superb instructor with a wide array of knowledge and theories, catering to and customising the sessions to suit your needs and progress. Her knowledge of cultural differences was also a plus, especially when working in an international community. The one on one lessons may seem intimidating, but fear not! She is an incredibly easy person to talk to as well." 

San Francisco, USA & Japan Video Games Producer/Product Development, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

"A really great session where I learnt how to ground my voice and how to have more energy when I speak - very happy!" 

Head of Data Strategy, HSBC

"This session was really helpful in getting a professional analysis of the various aspects that play a role while we speak and how could we make our speech more effective and powerful. Coming from Asia, I find it extremely valuable to learn better ways to communicate our thoughts and this workshop took me a step ahead of where I was.

Sylvie’s sessions teach us how to synchronise our thoughts and clearly present in front of our target audience in an effective manner, which can help to create a bigger social impact in the future." 

London, UK Propositions & Strategy, Amazon

"In just one session, Sylvie managed to identify an ingrained bad habit which was causing a lot of tension in my voice and suffocating the sound. Without wasting any time, she carefully showed me the methods to put it right and my voice is already freer and stronger. Highly recommended." 

Classical Singer

"I was naturally excited to hear about Sylvie's works when she came to Business School. Expecting a run-of-the-mill session, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which I engaged in her narrative and her method of teaching. It is clear to me that Sylvie is a professional of the highest quality, having studied from the finest voice coaching school for actors in the world. Her three-hour session was a glimpse into the complex world, and we were given lessons on how changes of posture, breath and tone can invoke stark differences in the intent of the text being delivered.

I benefitted from her easy-going and compassionate demeanour when being coached and I believe strongly that these sessions will improve our ability to communicate with authenticity and more effectively. This is a skill I desire to have throughout my life. I look forward to working with Sylvie once more!" 

Auckland, NZ  Physician (Registrar)

Either book your place securely online from this web page (click on the yellow Book button at the top right of the page), or for further information please contact Tracy Hollins on 0330 043 2677 or by emailing tracy@collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk.

Additional Course Dates

Date Course Trainer £  
20 October 2018
1 place
Voice Coaching
Holborn, London
Sylvie Lui £300 + VAT
3 November 2018 Voice Coaching
Holborn, London
Sylvie Lui £300 + VAT
1 December 2018 Voice Coaching
Holborn, London
Sylvie Lui £300 + VAT