Your Vocal Assertiveness Course



"Imagine being heard for what  you have to say and receiving the resulting recognition and respect"

When your body and voice transmit what you're about, you become a force to be reckoned with.

This is a one-day introductory workshop designed to help you find your assertive voice. Assertiveness reflects in your body language, the tone of your voice and your manner of speaking. In this workshop, you'll understand where your communication is incongruent or if you're sending mixed messages. You will learn how to be more aligned so that you're taken seriously and create more impact.

Assertive Posture & Body Language
Being assertive on a physical level requires adjusting your posture to be aligned and daring to take up space through your body. Women are often more accustomed to making themselves physically small instead of allowing themselves to take their full space and be seen for who they are. Shyness and cultural conditioning strongly play into this. So-called power poses can help you practice a more assertive stance and go beyond your habitual posture and gestures. The key, however, is to understand what you need to adjust. Sometimes it's as subtle as lifting your chin while you speak, so you see eye to eye with someone.

Assertive Language
Talking too much, beating around the bush or seeking approval all weaken your potential impact. The ability to distinguish between a submissive, aggressive or assertive use of language enables you to see where you give your power away. We help you adjust your use of language accordingly. Language is deeply woven into personal identity and welded into your neuro-pathways, hence learning to discern between language and attitude is crucial. For unless you begin to discern the difference you will not venture into new territory, as your judgments will impose limitations. Habits of speech and manner are habitual and we are often completely blind to them. In the group, our feedback will identify areas for improvement to help you become more assertive.

Assertive Vocal Tone
An assertive vocal tone is developed by means of slowing down, connecting your tone of voice to how you feel, using emphasis, breath and articulation to bring out the more full-bodied sound with ease and with less effort. This might sound simple but it requires giving yourself permission to take up space with breath and sound. Often we have memories of being told to be quiet so here again, we need to go beyond conditioning and beliefs and practice being loud until you can uncouple it from being associated with aggression. There is some vocal freedom in discovering your volume. You will discover your unique access to an assertive tone of voice. For some, this may be focusing on breath while for others it might be about placing emphasis on articulation or simply slowing down. Vocal tone is deeply connected to what you say and in certain instances can shift automatically once you give yourself permission to speak from a deeper place of knowing and authority. And if you suffer from losing your voice and hoarseness you'll understand how to use articulation to protect your vocal folds.

The day will be filled with interactive exercises and theory. It will enable you to grow your ability to truly take a stand and transmit what you're about; whether this is at a conference, in a video or whether you simply want to harness more attention. How you say what you say matters because it's more than just about what you say.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • project your voice so that you get heard
  • use an assertive tone of voice
  • align your manner so you are congruent

You will practice:

  • body language that conveys authority
  • how to stand your ground and be real
  • to articulate in ways that convey gravitas

By the end of the workshop you'll:

  • know how to be assertive
  • understand how you can transmit what you're about
  • dare to stand out and voice your opinion

Expression is liberating, it's participating fully in life!

Your capacity to speak up is in direct relation to the impact you can have. When you truly transmit what you're about, doors begin to open and opportunities begin to unfold. Imagine being seen and heard for what you have to say and receiving the resulting recognition, respect and consideration.

So if you're finding it hard to express what you stand for or you feel something is holding you back, or you simply want to be more fully expressed and expand untapped reserves, then this is for you.

Cordelia Zafiropulo

Meet Cordelia Zafiropulo

When your body and voice transmit what you're about you become a force to be reckoned with.

This is a one-day introductory workshop designed to help you find your assertive voice. Assertiveness reflects in your body language, the tone of your voice and your manner of speaking. In this workshop, you will understand where your communication is in-congruent and where you are sending mixed messages to the environment. You will learn how to be more aligned so that you are taken seriously and can have more impact.


Cordelia Zafiropulo is passionate about touching people at their core and assisting them to step up and take personal leadership. She advocates extracting power from feelings and alchemizing them into dramatic potential. “Unleashing potential and extracting power demands clarity of values and courage, it means being connected to your core, your unique self and your capacity to speak up and take a stand.” This stands at the centre of what Cordelia defines her approach.


Initially, Cordelia felt prompted to follow a deeper desire for expression and embarked on studying classical voice. Her intense vocal studies took her abroad for many years where she learnt specific techniques of singing, drama and speech.

The deep understanding and technical know-how of the functional mechanisms of the voice as well as the immersion of the physiological and deeply psychological aspects of performing ignited Cordelia’s passion for psychological and mental healing arts, resulting in therapeutic breath work and psychic healing. This expansive field is what defines Cordelia today; her endless impulse to expand and evolve finds its purpose here - weaving deeper connections between the mental, the emotional and the physical aspects, whilst coming into ever deeper alignment, power and presence.

This and the profound knowledge of how to harness attention and the deep understanding of dramatic presence, equip Cordelia with the unique gift to assist people to align with their own personal power.


Today Cordelia performs in various concerts, recitals and church music engagements of her choice. She does, however, harbour some more visionary projects aiming at implementing music and voice as tools for self-discovery enabling people deeper empowerment by developing their unique self-expression. Her lyric soprano voice easily permeates spaces and profoundly enhances atmospheres.

Professional & corporate experience that distinguishes Cordelia in coaching and training range from taking charge of voice and body language modules within Media Trainings, over in-house company training for well-known corporations such as E-on Energy, Deutsche Bank, Oracle Women’s Leadership, to inspiring groups and seminars with her vivaciousness. She has worked with executives from all kinds of ranks and backgrounds e.g. bankers, engineers, entrepreneurs, as well as with high ranking politicians or people simply desiring to expand and grow their presence.

And Finally…

"My knowledge and experience come from my personal understanding and development of stage presence. I am passionate about drama and how it can be used to enhance our lives effectively!
Drama was what attracted me to opera singing which in turn deeply altered my outlook on life. How we move our bodies and use our voices matters, it impacts our environment and how we come across! My vocal potential changed dramatically over the years as did my character. My operatic voice is part of who I am. I see life as the stage we are all constantly performing on."

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Additional Course Dates

Date Course Trainer £  
12 January 2019 Vocal Assertiveness Course
Clerkenwell, London
Cordelia Zafiropulo £300 + VAT
16 February 2019 Vocal Assertiveness Course
Clerkenwell, London
Cordelia Zafiropulo £300 + VAT
16 March 2019 Vocal Assertiveness Course
Clerkenwell, London
Cordelia Zafiropulo £300 + VAT