Fiona Wright

Fiona Wright

It was on an unconventional day in mid-2014 when Fiona Wright came across the principles behind human experience and her life began to change.

Hoodwinked by an innocent misunderstanding that she was not good enough, she has been graced with over 40 years' experience of being bullied, beating herself up and sabotaging opportunities to shine, despite a good 5 years of personal development investment.

A twice cancer survivor and raw food enthusiast, she has an unconventional career history: a dropped out lawyer, enthusiastic charity fundraiser, super eco-friendly recycling contemporary jeweller, bored company secretary and once disengaged local government employee.

Yet since learning about these principles, her life has completely turned around and career opportunities rocketed. Fiona is now, not only in love with life - and for the first time also loves herself - but is also inspiring, coaching and mentoring others to declutter their minds for better life results, more connected relationships, and personal peace and joy. She is a mentor on Jamie Smart's 2015 Clarity Coaching Programme and has recently launched her own Coaching practice under the working title of Unconventional Coaching: No tools. No techniques. Just outstanding results and a lot less on your mind.

Fiona thoroughly enjoys public speaking and has trained with two of the world's best speaker trainers: Clinton Swaine of Frontier Trainings and Dr Joanna Martin of Shift Speaker Training. She is also a member of the Pony Express Speaking Club and speaks for charity gigs on a voluntary basis. This is only her second speaking competition and she is delighted to be in the final, where she confesses she has no other tactic for winning other than to show up as herself and connect with the audience.