Frank Dias

Frank Dias

Frank is a Global communications manager at Grant Thornton International Ltd. His duties are mostly internal (with a sprinkling of external) communications and engagement with their 40,000 people in more than 130 countries about news, their global strategy, collaboration and giving people the opportunity to connect socially from around the world.

The role of public speaking in Frank's life includes his wedding speech and one best man's speech, an interest in stand-up comedy and "challenging the fear of public speaking head on!" At work he is involved in training, presentations, negotiations, meetings, buy-ins, and more.

When asked to describe himself, Frank explains he is "A tall, glasses wearing adventurer at heart with a love of people and social media - being able to connect with others from around the world, from the comfort of my smartphone."

Frank expresses what it means to him to be a finalist; "Excitement, recognition, challenge, meeting other courageous storytellers, and an opportunity to share my story with people who are lending me their ears, that's a privilege."

When asked what tactics he has for winning, he explains; "That's top secret, but because it's you, sharing my story as authentically as possible with humour, pictures, imagination and gusto."