Hari Kalymni

Hari Kalymnios

Hari Kalymnios work as a coach, speaker and trainer under his company - The Thought Gym - helping organisations and entrepreneurs become superhuman! That is, by focussing on developing outstanding self-leadership, by being 'on point' - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

He speaks to audiences live by running workshops at companies and speaking at events. He also delivers training regularly through camera (via his weekly YouTube channel - http://youtube.com/thethoughtgym and online courses at http://thethoughtgym.com and other platforms).

When asked to describe himself; "I would describe myself as grounded, easy-going and a life-long learner. Always looking for ways to develop and improve myself so that I might help other people do the same."

Hari expresses what it means to be in the final "Being in the final is a great honour for me and means that I'm able to spread an important and life-changing message to a new audience. I don't have any tactics for winning. I'm just going to speak my truth, connect with the audience and enjoy the process."