Ian Hawkins

Ian Hawkins

Ian Hawkins is a writer, coach and presenter - he writes for TV, radio, businesses and comedians and has a varied workload - this month he has written a business blog, a training manual for a high street retailer, some jokes for an after dinner speech and a pitch for a TV film. As a coach, he helps people explore their potential and dare to improve their performance. He also presents radio and live events, with an attitude of staying in charge whilst being loose enough to let unexpected things happen.

Ian believes public speaking is a great way of communicating ideas and feelings to people. He is currently working on a show about ghost stories - what they mean, why we tell them, and why we all need a sense of wonder. "When you speak in public it's an act of leadership and you can steward an audience to see a fresh perspective on the world."

Ian explains that if he ever does anything well, "It is by a process of doing it very badly for a long time first! So - in summary - unafraid of failure."

He expresses that the "Corporate Speaking Challenge is a great opportunity to meet fellow speakers and participate in a truly prestigious event. Contests like these get everyone playing at the top of their game, so it's a chance to be counted among the best speakers in the UK."

When asked what his tactics to winning are, he describes he approaches this "In the same way that I approach any speech: find out what the audience needs from a speech and make it a special, one-off moment with a hint of magic that happens on the day."