Kate Atkin

Kate Atkin

Kate Atkin is a freelance speaker, trainer, facilitator and author, specialising in Confidence, Courage and Communication. Her most recent book, The Presentation Workout, has just been published by Pearson. She also has a Masters degree in Positive Psychology and her recent research into entrepreneurial self-confidence and courage is being prepared for publication.

Kate's main duties consist of designing and delivering high-quality inspiring programmes, seminars and events to clients. In her spare time she continues her positive psychology research and writing blogs, research papers and books.

For Kate, public speaking has long been one of her key interests, developed initially through membership of the Junior Chamber International organisation for young business people and then Toastmasters public speaking clubs.

Kate gets a huge amount of satisfaction from meeting new people and helping them develop their skills, self-confidence and careers. She describes herself as "outgoing and friendly, yet like so many of us, I still have that doubting voice inside my head that knocks my confidence if given half a chance!"

We asked Kate what it meant to her to be in the finalists; "I'm delighted to be in the final, particularly since I managed to interrupt my own speech in the heats. (More about what happened in my blog post here: http://kateatkin.com/presentations/when-a-speech-doesnt-go-to-plan/ ) However I was pleased to finish on time, and even more pleased to be invited through to the final."

Kate's tactics for winning are to "prepare, practise and perform." Apart from those three Ps, she aims to make her talk relevant, informative and include some practical actions for a boardroom audience… all in six minutes!