Gwyn Redgers

Gwyn Redgers is now in retirement after a long and successful business career. This took him from early days in an advertising agency and in consumer product management to Marketing Director positions in the Unit Trust and Life Assurance industries. Finally he ran his own market research group, Market Answers, which included both Corporate Answers and Third Age Research.

Gwyn first joined his local speakers club in 1980, and went on to achieve the position of National President of the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC) in 2008. He now combines his intense interest in the field of speaking development with an equally intense interest in forms of debating.

Being able to speak with skill and confidence is of great importance in advancing through one's business career, and indeed in as aspects of life. Certainly the advice would always be to join a speakers club if you can.

1.Please describe your job in detail?

My career was mainly in the discipline of marketing. This came fairly late to financial services. In fact I have been told that I was only the 7th  marketing executive in the City when I was appointed. My role in those years was always the triple one of strategic planning, presenting and publicising to the public, and giving marketing support to the sales force.

Then later as found out my own research company (focusing on qualitative more than quantitative research), my responsibilities were of course wider.

2.How would you describe yourself?

Perhaps I could be described as (i) planner, (ii) speaker and (iii) listener - hopefully with some good ideas along the way.

3.What attracted you to being part of the judging panel?

I was deeply involved in the foundation of the College of Public Speaking, and was very pleased to be asked to assist in this important task.

4.What advice would you give to beginner public speakers?

Do what I did. There was a point in my career when I needed to talk to sales groups as well as to my own department, so I joined my local speakers club. This was a chartered member of the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC), but could equally have been a branch of Toastmasters.

5.What's the biggest lesson you have learnt throughout your career?

In selecting candidates for positions, I personally have looked for enthusiasm almost more than the basics of knowledge or experience. Certainly speaking experience and ability is often a good sign of enthusiasm

6.What do you love most about public speaking?

As a speaker, I very much appreciate the continual challenge. As a listener, I love to hear good speakers - but of course that does not always happen!

7.What are you hoping to see from the contestants?

As a contest judge, to approach the task in an analytical way. Primarily this will be evaluating and comparing their different strengths in delivery, structure, message content and so on - then coming to my own decision.

8. Have you had the opportunity to contribute to any magazines or national/local


Over the years I have quite naturally been involved from time to time in helping publicise and develop speaking and debating activity through the press and other media. There have been very good stories to get across.

8.What do you feel is your contribution to the world of public speaking?

Within the speakers clubs which I have attended, I have run courses and helped with tutorials and mentoring. On the wider stage, I have been able to assist speakers club development in numerous ways such as holding office, organising events, taking Trustee positions such as in the Speakers Trust, and so on. I should also mention being a published author of the book “My Speaking Journey”, available through Amazon.

9.Are you a member of any specific speaking clubs and/or groups?

With regard to speaking, I continue as a member of two speakers clubs. With regard to debating, I'm a member of the Sylvans and the Cogers Debating Societies, as well as having close links with Debating London. This includes including being a Trustee both of the Cogers Trust and of the Debating Foundation

10.Please list your own website, twitter, LinkedIn details.