Alan Clamp


Alan is the Chief Executive at the Security Industry Authority (SIA), a public body sponsored by the Home Office. The SIA is responsible for regulating the private security industry and it plays a key role in public protection, safeguarding and national security. Alan's main roles are to ensure the effective and efficient running of the organisation, and to work with stakeholders, such as the Home Office, Police and HMRC, on security and law enforcement issues.

In terms of public speaking, Alan makes presentations about the work of the SIA at a wide range of events, as well as contributions to more meetings than he cares to think about. He also has non-executive roles at the Home Office, Bar Standards Board and Chartered Insurance Institute.

The profile on Alan's CV describes him as “a highly effective leader of organisational change with a track record of improving performance and delivering results”. This is clearly hyperbole to create a good impression, but he is genuinely committed to regulation for public benefit. After supporting Leeds United for over 40 years he is a keen supporter of the underdog and resilient in the face of disappointment.

His approach to the final of the Corporate Speaking Challenge is the same as that to sport: the real privilege is the opportunity to take part. He is looking forward to doing his best, learning from others, and enjoying a rare Friday night out.