Andy Coley

Andy Coley, Confidence Expert has taught thousands of people strategies to change their beliefs, see new solutions, feel and sound self-assured, and build an unshakeable bedrock of confidence.

A number of years ago, Andy found his own health was at risk as his weight hit over 23 stone. He knows now that he saw the issues surrounding his weight coming and yet he chose to ignore it because it was easier to do so. Other aspects of his life were not exactly at their best stage at the time and thinking about losing weight was just another difficult thing to handle.

And then something happened - he received some Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching and it was like a magic switch as he realised that he had ownership of his own health and development and it allowed him to find the strength and motivation and have the tools to make a lasting change. 

He stopped blaming all around him for what was going wrong and took control. Since then he has lost over 6 ½ stone and more importantly he knows first-hand what it is like when you are enabled to take control.

Life now is very different and as an NLP Trainer and Confidence Couch he inspires others to step back from what is happening “to them” and enable them to gain new knowledge and decide what they'd like to have happen next.

In 2016 Andy appeared on the Channel 4 Show “Spies”, one of fifteen participants in the Secret Service based reality show and got to put his NLP and Confidence skills to the test through a series of psychological tests.