Ash Taylor

Ash Taylor is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of five businesses, gym goer, golfer, football lover, and “the best dad in the world” according to fifteen-year-old Josie.

Ash is a business coach and consultant with a personable yet no fluff approach to getting the most out of his clients.   Ash is a former Professional Tennis Coach with 33,000 hours of coaching experience who uses the lessons learned through his sporting career to transform the businesses he works with and the lives of the owners who run them.

Ash has been consulting for over twelve years and has successfully worked with hundreds of businesses to improve productivity and profits.  He strongly believes that business owners can have a business that works for them without them always being there.  “I see so many businesses stumble along because no-one is willing to put the hard work in.  There's an expectation of instant success that simply doesn't exist.  Build solid foundations and work in steps from there.”

Like others, Ash has had his setbacks and is as candid about his failures as well as his successes.  It's the skills he learned as an athlete that have seen him through the losses in his life and business.

His speaking career started in front of assemblies of primary school children and has progressed to international stages, entrepreneurial events and more recently as a judge for London based Express Speakers Club. 

Ash is happiest when sharing his message and knowledge from a stage, however small the audience.   He feels it's the best way to make an impact and change lives.  “I'm really excited about making the final.  The competition is of a high standard and my competitiveness loves a good challenge.  I'm hoping that my six minutes will get people thinking, whatever the outcome”.

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