Glen Savage

Glen Savage, aka the 'Purple Speaker', is a skilled trainer, coach, facilitator and team developer. He is also a speaker and MC. He loves purple, as it is the colour of passion, power and purpose as well as magic and imagination. He uses the metaphor as a change catalyst and his passion is to develop people to improve performance and achieve enhanced results. His strong interpersonal skills and boundless enthusiasm are employed to inform, inspire and influence people to develop and make effective change.

Glen is a consultant at Change Perspectives and with over twenty years people development experience in varied sectors, he has a reputation for creative solutions for business issues.

Glen is a lover of stories and how they can help individuals and companies to improve their engagement and results with customers and clients. He loves people and connecting with them and the pleasure of being a conference and after dinner speaker, where he has focused on Storytelling, Customer chemistry, Effectiveness and Managing change. Glen was also the 2013 London Humourous Speech Champion.

Glen utilises the skills acquired as an NLP Master Practitioner, Business and Performance Coach, Psychometrics practitioner, LAB profile practitioner, Psychotherapist and even International Scuba and Resuscitation instructor, to deliver balanced and effective development solutions.