Jacqui Rosser

Jacqui is a freelance coach, soft skills trainer and facilitator specializing in anything that has almost anything that has 'skills in the title, e.g., Management Skills, Conflict Resolution Skills, Assertiveness Skills etc. Performance management is her 'soap box' and is a subject she is happy to talk about at some length. She is concerned that many managers today lack the necessary skills to give constructive feedback. She trains and coaches managers to develop their feedback skills and to not be afraid to 'stand up and speak out' As a straight talking 'Northerner', sitting on the fence is alien to her!


Jacqui's introduction to public speaking came about after a difficult crossroads in her life and she found herself at a Stand Up comedy taster session. Some madness came over her and she enrolled on the seven-week course. To her surprise, she enjoyed the experience and sought out more ways to develop her new found speaking skills. She was introduced to Toastmasters by someone on the course and this gave her the opportunity to develop her speaking and leadership skills.


Jacqui calls herself a 'late starter'. She failed miserably at school and left with one qualification in English. Believing herself to be unintelligent, she thought she would never achieve much in life. However, she was spurred on to change that when a friend, who was equally 'unintelligent' decided to enroll on a business studies course as a mature student. Jacqui followed suit and surprised herself by finishing with a Higher National Diploma in Business Studies, with distinction. That started her path to learning and she now has a Masters in Strategic Training and Development.


More recently, she has started to coach women and run workshops for women who have lived with an alcoholic and now want to get their lives back on track. The legacy of living with an alcoholic can be debilitating and many women feel bruised by the experience which prevents them from having a more fulfilling life. She has written a book on the same subject.


Jacqui loves travelling and meeting new people and now spends much of her time in the South of France where she has family. Her only frustration is that her French isn't fluent enough to be able to converse as well as she would like in French. She's working on it though