Michael Sokolin

"Michael Sokolin holds a BA in Entrepreneurship and an MA in Management and Consultancy from Lancaster University. He has previously worked as a management consultant in A.T. Kearney and managed an international team in the strategy department of Groupon.

Throughout the past five years, Michael has been training, performing in theatre's across London as an actor. Whilst running public speaking workshops across Europe. His methodology combines training's from the corporate world and actor's training. Michael combines the professional training he has received whilst working as a management consultant with the training he has undergone whilst training as an actor (including elements from clowning, physical theatre, improvisational acting, stand-up comedy and drama). Having struggled with public speaking himself, Michael aims to holistically approach helping other to overcome their fears of public speaking.

Michael is also extremely passionate about the storytelling world of acting and wishes to be professionally involved in the industry as a director, actor and writer. Being a philosopher at heart he believes that that the creative worlds gives him an avenue through which to channel his inner madness :) "