Olga Frankow

Olga is a highly skilled Relationship Coach, qualified by Animas coaching school and accredited by Coaching Standards Authority. She works with couples and singles to achieve their ultimate relationship goals and enjoy happier lives with their loved ones. Olga's coaching complies with highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and quality of service.

Her passion for understanding the human behaviour and men-women relationship dynamics started from a personal development journey and willingness to be in a great marriage herself.  While later her curiosity pulled her into studying the subject deeper and with higher intensity.

Being happily married for 7 years, Olga truly understands the importance and the effect of happy relationship on people's lives. She and her husband Rafael mastered the skills of being the best partners for each other, and now Olga is fully committed to teach other couples to do the same. 

Having pursued a corporate career in the past, Olga has successfully transformed her experience in project management and business analysis into her coaching business. Now she helps people better organise their personal lives, create a perfect work-life balance and allocate enough space for romance and passion.