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The Fear Doctor Book: How To Make An Out Of This World Speech

The Fear Doctor book is an engaging collection of stories, case studies, and metaphors that will help manage your anxious thinking and speaking.

Vince draws on the experience of athletes, artists, and politicians who’ve changed their world - taking them from nervous to exceptional.

The fuel for all outstanding success is courage. You have an innate ability to succeed when you get out of your own way.

There are no shortcuts to success, but some guides are more experienced and direct than others.

If you want to accelerate your progress: ace that presentation, take that promotion and set yourself up for a career without constant anxiety, it's all in this one book.

Why buy The Fear Doctor?

Vince Stevenson introduced his fear of public speaking classes to London in 2006

The book explores the psychological elements of speaking and anxiety like no other:

  1. Understand how the lazy brain works
  2. Understand how your moment-to-moment reality is created
  3. Understand why you want success so much and why it’s inhibiting and frustrating you
  4. Learn why you're not afraid of what you think you’re afraid of. You’re afraid of what you think
  5. Anxiety’s triggers exposed
  6. Learn how to breathe and get into a peak state for speaking
  7. Simple mindset strategies that help you focus more on what you want and less on failure
  8.  Part 2 is all about delivery with 40+ free videos describing posture, breathing and relaxation

Vince’s classroom experience has made him a popular speaker in the conference world, and a regular collaborator on projects in Asia and Africa.

If you like humour with humility, you’ll love the Fear Doctor book.


[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "The Fear Doctor" by Vincent Stevenson.]

Sam Ibeh
4 out of 4 stars

Have you ever found yourself heavily sweating when you needed to give a speech? I have had this experience multiple times. I remember the first time I was asked to do a song solo. I was so nervous that I wasn't only sweating in the air-conditioned room, I was singing flat and annoyingly off-key. Maybe, if I read The Fear Doctor by Vincent Stevenson, I would have had a better outing.

Vincent is an experienced public speaker, and he has seen all the dynamics of public speaking. With a career spanning over thirty-five years, he has so much to bring to the table. He does an excellent job of putting together a book that helps aspiring and professional public speakers deal with the fear and anxiety that comes with the job. This is a two-part book that teaches both the theoretical and practical aspects of public speaking. In the first part, the author takes the time to deal with the internal battles anyone who does any form of public presentation faces. The second part of the book was more practical as the author takes the reader through a series of exercises, which I will elaborate on more in the latter part of this review.

I would recommend this book to people who do public speaking as a career. However, the teachings embedded in it would benefit everyone as we've always been faced with situations where confidence was required to deliver. These situations could be asking your crush out on a date, making an orchestral performance, or presenting a multi-million dollar project proposal to a board of executives.

What I liked most was the conversational writing style the author adopted. There was a sense of calmness and relaxation I felt while reading the book. It was apparent that Vincent had mastered the art of communicating his thoughts in the friendliest way possible. Additionally, the explanations of some concepts were simplistic. I enjoyed his views on the universal laws of public speaking. There was no jargon in the narrative. Hence, the reader wouldn't be overwhelmed by the complexities and technicalities of public speaking. This book was a simple and exciting read.

I liked the practical aspect of this book. There were exercises to help the reader get the hang of the technicalities and theatrics of public speaking. One essential exercise was practicing public speaking to yourself. This involved asking yourself a series of questions to get acquainted with every scenario you'd encounter. Other exercises included posture, breathing, and relaxation. The reader wouldn't be left to themselves, as diagrams were used to illustrate the exercises' effects. The author also provided links to video resources that'd help the reader with vocal preparations.

This was a well-written book that enjoyed professional editing. I have no reason to not give it 4 out of 4 stars.

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  • "An exceptionally useful day's training, delivered in a positive and personanable manner, very enjoyable and significant food for thought. Thank You."

    Diane Wilson - DCI Notts Police
  • "The anxiety is gone - now that I understand it. Not only can I make a presentation - I feel I have so much to give now. It's quite a transformation."

    John Eden
  • "Since attending the course, I feel like a completely different person; more confident, relaxed and easy going. I gave a speech at work last week and it went so so well."

    Ben Harding
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