Toxic Goal #8 - I want people to recognise my beauty

If you think that people have turned up to judge you on what you look like, I seriously believe that you are mistaken. People are driven by self-interest. They want you to offer them something that they can adopt, adapt and utilise from 5 pm onwards. They want tips, tools and techniques, insights which will give them an advantage going forward. 

Let me qualify this — do I shower and shave every morning and comb my hair? Yes. Do I brush my teeth and wear clean clothes for work? Yes. That makes me feel good and it shows respect for my clients.

That I think is one of the underpinning elements of rapport — effectively being comfortable with yourself and being accepting of others. 

There can, of course, be exceptions occasionally. I have had many students in the hair/beauty world where 'image' is the thing that makes people attend. That's fine. Look and dress appropriately if your audience has an expectation. Generally, the substance is what people turn out for. Just be comfortable with yourself and how you look. 

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