Thinking is great - but it's not enough on its own - take action!

Imagine the joy and sense of personal fulfilment when you finally ‘crack’ public speaking.

Warren Buffet says, ‘Make public speaking your primary career accomplishment.’

Some people unlock public speaking quite quickly - it’s faster when you’re holding the keys.


Thinking is good, but follow it with decisive action.

Alternatively, you can wait, procrastinate and hand your opportunities to others.

If you have seen others struggle, that does not have to be your path too. You’re different.

Developing a new skill takes time. This one is a professional game changer.

For some, public speaking is extremely easy to learn. It is a pleasure to serve others.

What do you want to achieve in your life? The future is in your hands. Go and take what is yours.

If you leave control to others, they will drive change for themselves. Not for you.

If public speaking is so difficult, why do we have millions of committed teachers and trainers in the world? They’re just people like you and I. We share the same DNA.

Thinking is good, it prepares the ground. But the next step is always ACTION!

Buy those flowers. Book that flight. Step positively into a new world of your own potential, where the sky is always blue. Take that next step towards personal fulfilment.