Speaking with gravitas

Public Speaking is a skill and what underpins successful outcomes is utilising the correct techniques, at the right time, most of the time. Public speaking is subjective. Some members of the audience will love your message, others will not. The basics are simple. Fundamental laws - please read on...


"Sir Isaac Newton tells us why

An apple falls down from the sky

And from that fact, it's very plain

All other objects do the same

A brick, a bar, a bolt, a cup

Invariably fall down, not up

And if at work you drop a spanner

It falls in a downward manner..."

This poem extract is taken from a 1960's Public Information Broadcast which accurately and elegantly explains the beauty and dangers of the universal law of gravity.

Every time we sit in a chair, every time we pour milk on our cornflakes, every time we catch a ball we are inadvertently applying the laws of gravity.

As children, we begin our rudimentary understanding and as we grow older we deepen our awareness of this universal law.

Well, there are laws in public speaking that fundamentally apply too.

It is impossible not to communicate, so it's essential that we understand the laws and ensure that we are perceived positively.

Here are three laws that fundamentally apply to public speaking:

1) It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it.

2) Know your audience (what's in it for them?).

3) Plan, prepare and practise.

Not that complicated is it, really?

Everything you need to know can be learnt. Take courage and drive forward in your life.


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