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College of Public Speaking - Summer Speaking Spectacular - 16th/17th June 2018

Posted by vince
Published on 21 April 2018

Two Days to New Presence, Confidence and Charisma in Every Aspect of Your Life

On the 16th/17th June 2018, we're running an incredibly special event at the Holiday Inn, Kensington. It's the longest weekend of the year (sunlight wise) and we're looking to do something that has never been done before. I have brought together three international colleagues who'll be running specialist workshops in storytelling and improvisation, vocal development, physiology and the fear of public speaking.

We will have one huge room for large group activities. This room then divides into three so that students can explore their major interests and have taster sessions on other development opportunities.

The themes are fun, human connection, engagement and overcoming your inhibitions. 

If you're a leader, a manager or you just want a greater sense of connectedness with your friends, family, colleagues and clients, a weekend of engagement opportunities will recharge your batteries for the rest of 2018.

Expect to make some short speeches and expect to receive quality feedback from our experts and fellow members of the group.

Dipping your toes in the pool isn't swimming. We're inviting you to dive in and immerse yourself.

Our expert specialists are: 

Alex Glod - 2 x TedX speaker - improvisation and storytelling

Sylvie Lui - Canadian/Chinese actress and voice specialist

Ulf Toelle - The Motion Master - Public Health expert and corrective physiologist - the man who saved my speaking career, says Vince Stevenson

Vince Stevenson - The Fear Doctor - international speaker, author, trainer and joint founder of the College of Public Speaking

This will be the best and certainly most unique public speaking development event in London.

For more details and to register your interest in this unique event:  ow.ly/tcCD30jBi29

Summer speaking

Overcoming your fear of public speaking,
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  • "An exceptionally useful day's training, delivered in a positive and personanable manner, very enjoyable and significant food for thought. Thank You."

    Diane Wilson - DCI Notts Police
  • "The anxiety is gone - now that I understand it. Not only can I make a presentation - I feel I have so much to give now. It's quite a transformation."

    John Eden
  • "Since attending the course, I feel like a completely different person; more confident, relaxed and easy going. I gave a speech at work last week and it went so so well."

    Ben Harding
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