A Voice For All Seasons

This blog post is from Simon Maier, an expert in elite communications strategies, who runs the brand new, online-only one-to-one coaching programme here at the College of Public Speaking.

We accept the fact (or don’t think much about the fact) that most radio broadcasters on any radio station are pretty good. Some brilliant. We accept the same, although maybe a bit less so, of those we watch on TV.

Over a flat white and a decaf, I was recently talking to a well-known radio broadcaster and she was explaining that the job, even after many years, is often hard, despite how easy it sounds.

That, she emphasised, comes through hard work and experience.

You need, she said, to imagine what the audience wants to hear and, of course, that’s extremely hard because unlike, say, a corporate event you don’t know much about a million listeners.

Yes, there’s research and you can guess, but you don’t know. You also need, she added, to use your voice well – not too hectoring, not too loud (or soft), not too vexed, not overly bossy and so on.

Obviously, she rightly pointed out, the voice and approach totally depend on the subject matter being discussed or the type of programme it is.

As she finished her decaf, she did say that one of the most important life skills these days for anyone was to be able to stand up and speak in public – for all kinds of occasions.

This lady has on many occasions hosted and facilitated corporate events.

People like her a lot because she comes over as assured, well briefed, firm (and fair) on those being questioned, fun when required and also when needed to defuse a debate.

She has always maintained that this kind of accomplishment only comes after proper training, regular practice, rehearsals and good writing.

She said that she’d benefitted best when she did a one-to-one course in presentation techniques and wonders why nobody has thought of doing the same via Skype for people who are travelling a lot as she is.

Aha, I said, you can do that now. And it’s true, you can. At the College of Public Speaking. Check it out.