War Metaphors and the fear of public speaking

I’ve been battling with my fear of public speaking for years; stuck in my foxhole, at war with myself. In no-man’s land, bombarded and besieged by a firestorm, a crossfire of negative thoughts. It’s like a time-bomb. The longer the delay, the greater the damage. My head could explode any moment. I need some guerrilla tactics.

My first speech was a dud. That came as a bombshell. My nerves have been shredded, pulverised. My self-esteem torpedoed.

I want to join the ranks of the confident speakers and be on the front-line with them. I want to attack this problem head-on and from all flanks. But first I’m working on a cease-fire with myself. I’m going to marshal my resources, take aim and fire.

My opening salvo will be to call in the troops and get some help.

If public speaking is killing you – give us a call. It doesn’t need to be painful.