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Lessons from Luis

As speakers, what can we learn from Luis Suarez?

There is no doubt that Luis Suarez is a highly talented footballer. He's a great goal scorer and a match winner at the highest level. He was the first South American English Player of the Year despite in recent years, being banned twice for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic and racially abusing Manchester Utd's, Patrice Evra. He…

The Sound of Silence: How Trainers Can Draw Commitment And Teach Responsibility

Many of us feel uncomfortable with silence.

Therefore a common piece of advice to speakers is to pause more while presenting.

An interesting voice is a voice of contrasts: fast, slow; loud, soft; high low.

And probably the most telling contrast of all is between sound and silence.

The ability to pause and use silence effectively, as well as creating space,…

Don't make me wrong

My wife has the words: 'Don't make me wrong' pinned on to a cupboard in the kitchen.
Good advice for a spouse or a parent: essential for a trainer.

My father had the habit of not just winning an argument,
but in the process crushing the opponent as well.
The result for the victim was not only the loss of the argument,
but often a loss of face and the resulting…

House or Mortgage

One of the High Street banks was once brought up short when promoting their new mortgages.
A marketing executive explained to them that no one wants a mortgage:
they want a house!

Similarly, a frequent mistake many trainers make is to focus on the process of the training rather than the result.
Clearly if you want a house and don't have access to vast amounts of money,…

Hands and Voice

A few hours spent in a Rome airport recently reminded me how important gestures are to developing a level of vocal variety that keeps your voice worth listening to.
It is a truism that southern Europeans gesticulate when they speak
and we probably all know someone of whom it has been said that if they were made to sit on their hands they would not be able to speak at all.