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Question Tags

Little questions distributed through the training are great for keeping things on track:
Does that make sense?
Are we OK?
Is that clear?

They are particularly useful for the little ground rules that might meet resistance.

If you know at the beginning of a session that you have a room full of avid texters, tweeters or technology junkies, the sensible strategy…

The case for Case Studies

Rhetoric talks of 2 forms of reasoning, deductive and inductive.
Deductive starts from the general and moves to the specific and
inductive starts from the specific and moves to the general.
In the training room most of us are inductive learners.
Are you with me so far?!
If not, that is probably because I have just started with a generalised deductive statement.


You can only land in one airport

My favourite analogy for a speech or a presentation is the aeroplane journey.
It nicely sums up the simple structure of:
beginning, middle and end, as:
take-off, flight and landing.

The analogy holds very well because regardless of whether it is a short journey or a long-haul flight, the 2 moments that stick most in the memory are the start and the finish.


Should I stay or should I go?

An area of speaking controversy!

Should I stand still or should I move around?

Simple: what are you trying to achieve?

In part it will depend on your character, your message and your audience.

However in the simplest terms:

  • moving around is usually about asserting personal power;
  • standing still is usually about sharing.