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Are Communication Skills at an all Time Low

You have just been told that you are going to get a promotion, and you ask yourself - do I have the communication skills to cut it?

The joy you feel is quickly dampened by the realization that your new role includes presenting on a regular basis to senior management of your company and you are scared stiff! 

What do you do?

Perhaps you enroll on a presentation skills…

How To Banish The Fear Of Public Speaking

For many people confronted with the dreaded prospect of delivering a presentation all that is going through their mind is getting up on stage delivering the presentation with all good speed and getting off the stage. 

As long as the message has been delivered and reinforced (usually by distracting and overloaded PowerPoint slides) that's the job done. Thinking about how to win over the…

From Incompetence to Competence

An accepted model for learning in the training world is the 4 step move from 'Unconscious Incompetence' passing through 'Conscious Incompetence' and 'Conscious Competence', ending at 'Unconscious Competence'. Usually, this model is expressed as a progression upwards through the levels, like up a flight of steps. However, in working as a trainer, in fact, in any honest field of endeavour, I would…

What's Your Point?

You cannot deliver a clear message to your students unless that message is absolutely clear in your own head.

You could say this follows on from the maxim of:

'You cannot teach what you don't know and you cannot lead where you won't go.' It all comes down to the clarity of purpose.

Often training misses the mark because the company or the maybe even the trainers themselves,…

Question and Answer Sessions

Question and answer sessions are the best way to reinforce your key messages from a presentation. Hearing different voices can be a good way to get the attention of the audience, but the purpose is to allow members of the audience to obtain both clarification and confirmation of your key messages. It, therefore, reduces the chance that any members of the audience will leave your…