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Tapping into Training Budgets


So you want to attend a course, but your boss is a stick in the mud. She's asked you to justify why the training is necessary and explain good reasons for the expenditure.

Many years ago I asked my boss to go on a report writing course. 

This seemed like a good investment because…

Will you be eating or heating this Christmas?

Christmas scene

Will you be eating or heating this Christmas?

Theoretically, life is a breeze and Christmas is coming and yet so many people are unfulfilled and they are not looking forward to the festivities and its inherent expense.

We live in a stressful world.

If it's…

Speaking with gravitas

Public Speaking is a skill and what underpins successful outcomes is utilising the correct techniques, at the right time, most of the time. Public speaking is subjective. Some members of the audience will love your message, others will not. The basics are simple. Fundamental laws - please read on...

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